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Thaumic Energistics Extended Life

Allows the digitisation of Thaumcraft Essentia in AE2 as well as opening up auto-crafting options.

This is an extended life version of the original, containing a compilation of features added external to the original hosting on Curseforge.

Core Features:

  • Import and export essentia to and from the ME network
  • Interface with Thaumcraft devices which use suction to request essentia
  • Store essentia in the ME network and/or use Thaumcraft jars as storage extensions via essentia storage buses
  • View how much of each essentia type is stored on the network
  • Thaumcraft crafting terminal with access to items on the ME network
  • Essentia autocrafting

Extra fixes:

  • Fixes from Alex811:
  • Added search modes to terminals
  • Added Inventory Tweaks sorting support to terminals
  • Added Redstone & Inverter card support to buses
  • Added Clear, Partition, I/O Mode, Report Inaccessible Items & priority buttons/settings to the Essentia Storage Bus
  • Added Hwyla/TheOneProbe support
  • Added quick-move support for upgrades, Knowledge Cores & aspect container items (you can shift click aspects into bus filters)
  • The Arcane Assembler and Infusion Provider now have indicators when they have power and/or channel
  • Offline terminals are now not super dark and online ones emit some light
  • Improved the look of the search bar of terminals
  • Fixed recipes being craftable before completing their research
  • Fixed Arcane Assembler and Infusion Provider breaking immediately after being connected to an ME network that has a security terminal
  • Fixed terminals falsely reporting as offline/no channel
  • Fixed a bug that causes you to loose items if you quick-craft in our terminal and your inventory is full
  • Fixed the Arcane Assembler not dropping its Knowledge Core when broken
  • The Essentia Export Bus now makes a cutout in its facade, like the rest of the buses
  • You can now spam-shift-click items from the terminal into your inventory without issues
  • Fixed an issue when making crafting requests through our terminals that printed errors on the server console

Fixes from Delfayne

  • Previously Essentia Cells could be partitioned, but this was broken and they would store anything. This now works as expected. Cells can be partitioned via phials or vis crystals
  • JEI support for aforementioned filtering
  • Essentia Export filtering was also broken, and now works as expected
  • A Chinese translation was provided by mzcph, thanks for that!
  • Adding an extra check against the client's last known Vis levels. This should prevent item ghosting when trying to pick up the result of a craft from the ACT when vis levels are insufficient
  • Updating a number of Thaumic Energistics based journal entries; the original ones were lacking some flavour
  • Removing freebie quest items from completing ThE research. I agree here that this can screw with ModPack authors' progression if difficult to craft items are given without configuration
  • Creative essentia cells only stored 1000 essentia. This was raised as it could prevent particularly large autocrafts.