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Currently the Eldritch tier of research is still heavily WIP. There is some things I need to sort out and balance before I can implement it. Since everything else is done I will move on to beta anyway.

- fixed Unlock Alchemy research entry so all the text is displayed in research step 2
- fixed a few more missing research entries referring to thaumaturgy instead of auromancy
- fixed chrash when golems harvested blocks
- when completing a research stage all the pages for the next stage should be shown

- WARNING: I'm Splitting all the various tc stone blocks (arcane, eldritch, ancient,etc), into their own blocks. This is to make certain worldgen things easier to code and as preparation for the 'great flattening' coming with MC 1.13. This will probably break things in your world so be prepared. Sorry about that.
- added missing theorycraft cards for Infusion
- auromancy should now be unlockable again.
- using curios during theorycrafting will no longer consume the entire stack
- made silverwood trees outside magical forest biomes a bit more common
- improved fps around tainted areas
- granted golems the ability to walk again and be picked up

- rebalanced aspect values significantly
- tweaked some aspect colors to differentiate them from each other a bit more
- re-added the old praecantatio aspect
- added alkimia, the alchemy aspect.
- rebalanced essentia amounts in items. Everything has a lot more essentia (roughly 5x previous versions), but all recipes are more expensive to compensate. This is to improve the essentia calculation algorithm and to make costing and balancing easier and more granular.
- rebalanced armor values to incorporate the new toughness stat
- removed haste and repair vanilla enchants. Haste is now an infusion enchant and repair has been dropped in favor of the vanilla enchant
- added quartz ore spawns to overworld. They are much rarer than ore spawns in the nether however.
- added ability for OP's to view a players known research
- added support for the Chisel ConnectedTexturesMod ( This mod is NOT required, but certain textures will be enhanced by using this.
- probably loads of other things I missed

- Added casting gauntlets and focus crafting mechanic that replaces wands
- Goggles can now also be placed in the 'headgear' baubles slot
- traveller boots now require charge to function
- added arcane activator rails. They allow the activation and deactivation of things like automated crossbow turrets that pass over them.
- The arcane bore is now a placable entity much like automated turrets. Like many entities they can ride empty mine carts. Have fun with that :)
- Dowsing ability will now display a particle effect for an entire ore vein and not each block. Effect is also color coded for most common ore types.

- Players are now eased into Thaumcraft more organically just by playing the game. No wiki or forum post required to take your first steps.
- scanning is now much more integral to research.
- scanning things now generates various types of notes, observation and similar things. These will later be used for purchasing research.
- scanning inventories now also scans their contents as well
- split artifice research tree into artifice and infusion enchantment. Some of the changed associated with this might break saves a bit, so be prepared.
- Thaumaturgy tree renamed to Auromancy. It never made much sense that one of the trees was named after the mod itself. vOv

- Aura and vis is no longer separated into aspects. Vis now represents raw magical energy.
- Vis and flux is now mutually exclusive. In practical terms what happens is that within a chunk the aura has a fixed capacity. For this example lets use 50. Vis in a chunk will replenish itself back to this number over time.
- adding flux to the aura counts against this total however. If the flux + vis total exceeds this number, then some of the vis will slowly disappear or be pushed into adjacent chunks (if the have capacity) until the total drops down to 50. This means that polluting a chunk too much may result in it having no vis, just flux.
- Aura Nodes removed. Their role was fairly limited within the current aura system and the performance hit they caused (even if minor) was not worth it for the limited content they added. I may revisit adding back later if I can find a reason to.
- aura replenishes itself based on moonphase and other natural factors
- arcane crafting modified to draw vis directly from aura. Crystals are required for many arcane crafting recipes. Crystals are placed in the slots surrounding the main crafting grid.
- auras will no longer tick while game is paused in SP
= taint now spreads from taint seeds. They are immobile entities and there are eggs for them if you want to spawn some. Taint grows out from these 'seeds' and grows a lot faster than in TC5.
- taint can only spread within a limited radius of a seed and will die if there is no seed within this radius. There is a small chance for new seeds to spawn at the outer rim of this radius.
- taint spread is no longer linked to flux, however high flux levels will increase the distance taint can grow from a seed.
- put together this means taint can spread faster and even into non-polluted areas, but to get rid of it you only need to get rid of the seeds. Easier said than done though.

- lots of additions and changes to give modders access to the new systems in TC 6
- IPlayerKnowledge is now the main repository for all things research and knowledge related. It uses the forge capability system and can be obtained via the getKnowledge(EntityPlayer player) method in ThaumcraftApi
- research data is now located in .json files that can modified by resource packs
- made significant changes to IRechargable making it more generic
- changed IScanThing.getResearchKey to also accept the passed in player and scanned object
- added IScanThing.onSuccess to allow performing something when a scan succeeds


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