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Uploaded Oct 30, 2015
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- My villagers are MIA till forge adds the required stuff

- Ditto for the old wand animations and some of the old wand effects like glowing runes, focus "flair", etc.

- The new thaumometer is boring. I have not yet tried to re-implement the old item model - I'm not sure it will be possible.

- Golems are getting a complete revamp and will not be in the current release. They are coming though - bigger and better than ever... well, maybe not bigger.





- re-added the deploader so Baubles gets automatically downloaded

- fixed required forge version



- Did some general housekeeping and moved related things into their own helper classes.

- made the scanning mechanic a lot more robust and less limiting. Addon devs can even create their own scanning mechanics/tools that hook into the system

- changed research api. Hidden and Concealed researches have been combined and can make use of the new scanning mechanic to "reveal" them.

- added the ability for recipes to require multiple researches to be completed.

- several changes to how foci effects are now triggered to make it a bit simpler and to accommodate the new focus turret block

- The wand still stores vis at a x100 the displayed amount, but there is no longer a need to take this into account for addon devs. All interfaces to the wand automatically do the conversion so you just need to use the "real" vis amounts.

- Added the IWand interface implemented by ItemWand to make it simpler to access the utility methods

- changed the wand api slightly to allow more control over when vis gets subtracted or not. onFocusActivation returns a boolean now. If true vis will be subtracted



- completing research or finding clues now gives experience

- Added a new config setting allowing more than one discovery to be created when you finish research. This should be a handy change for team play and such.

- Secondary researches must now be purchased with experience levels. This applies to "easy mode" research as well.

- Knowledge fragments now give experience when used. They cannot be used to craft special research notes anymore, but more uses will come for them in the future.

- overhauled thaumonomicon gui. Now takes up more space, is zoomable, has search functionality and has a scrollable category list for addons.

- newly learned researches will still be marked, but the mark will remain until you actually read the entry. The mark is now a simple gold star.

- if a newly learned research unlocks additional pages within another research entry you will see an indication on the research with the new information in the form of a green plus. Like above the mark will remain until the entry is viewed.

- both these marks also appear on the category buttons

- the research table is no longer a multiblock because *effort*.

- removed deconstruction table as it is no longer needed



- loads of minor fixes and improvements

- fixed potential infinite loop with aspect algorithm

- the research browser will only jump to a location when you learn now research if the research category matches the last viewed category in the browser

- ethereal bloom now only plays its grow animation when initially placed

- fixed edge-case crash caused by entities in outer lands (and potentially other places) being made champion mobs twice

- fixed infusion crafting defaulting to runic augmentation if the item you are infusing can be augmented

- resolved some portable hole syncing issues and made it a lot less lag inducing.



- new blocks, items and mobs

- Golemancy tab is hidden and needs to be discovered ingame

- rebalanced aspects and aspect combinations.

- added a mechanic similar to the Thaumcraft 2 and 3 aura system.

- aura nodes are now special entities and cannot be used to recharge wands

- aura nodes now recharge the aura

- aura nodes merge like they did in Thaumcraft 3

- winds recharge directly from the aura while held

- aspects in a crucible degrade directly into flux and goes into the aura instead of degrading into simpler aspects.

- runic shielding now uses the vanilla "damage absorption" mechanics (the yellow hearts you get when eating golden apples) to do its thing. Not quite as flashy, but it is more predictable and mod-friendly

- rebalancing wand focus costs to work with the new aura system

- dropped the whole concept of CV (centi-vis) and fractional vis costs. Most vis totals, capacities and costs have been increased by a factor of 10. For addon devs this means no longer multiplying by 100 internally.

- scattershot ice focus is less effective at short range making it much less of an OP boss killer.

- thaumometer now only requires a single click to scan something - it doesn't have to be held down anymore

- removed need to have xp to purchase certain things while in creative mode

- the sinister lodestone now points towards eldritch portals not sinister nodes and the research has been moved to the eldritch tab

- new texture for ancient stone

- added protection to certain mobs which should prevent them being spawned via mod-added spawners. It cannot protect against everything, but should catch most things

- made praetor armor equivalent to diamond

- added ore_density setting to config

- reshuffled some researches around

- taint crawlers are no longer taint spiders

- fiddled with outer lands and added some missing features

- rebalanced wand capacities and vis costs to reflect new aura system

- removing warded blocks and related items until I come up with a better implementation

- Arcane ear has had its model changed slightly and can now be placed in any orientation

- changed the alembic model and recipe

- changed the alchemical furnace recipe and renamed it to essentia smelter because, well, that makes more sense.

- remove advanced alchemical furnace. Instead the base alchemical furnace can be upgraded and expanded upon

- the basic alchemical furnace is now quite inefficient as up to 10% of essentia is lost and converted to aura flux instead

- infused ore has been replaced by vis crystals which act as a vis battery of sorts. Harvesting all the crystals you come across is not the best idea as it may help replenish the aura.

- infernal furnace is now an inventory and items can be piped or hoppered in from the top of the lava bit.

- removed the item grate. Its main use can now be duplicated by a vanilla hopper so there is no real need for it.

- you can now also add items to the crucible one at a time by simple right clicking with the item on the crucible itself.

- liquid death is now a 'classic' liquid instead of a 'finite' liquid like flux goo.

- killing mobs no longer drop aspect orbs

- removed mana beans... for now. They may, or may not, return in some form

- arcane lamps now only create glimmers of light if there is line of sight to the target location

- reduced the size of eldritch mazes a bit to make them a bit less of a chore to navigate through

- added ability to double the size of amount text in aspect tags via config

- essentia filter tubes can now be set with any essentia container item like phails, not just labels. The item used is not consumed.

- levitator now no longer requires stacking (simply toggle the switch on the bottom to change its range). It can also be placed in any orientation, but requires a small amount of vis to operate.

- removed the research that allows you to use primordial pearls on nodes since it didn't work and doest really apply anymore anyway. It will be replaced by something better eventually


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