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This is a cross-over mod, which integrates technical mods with TerraFirmaCraft.

Unofficial fork updated to work for TFC:TNG in 1.12.
Credits to it's original author: Shurgent


Original content:
- Hevea trees (for rubber tapping)

- Wire Drawing Bench

- Rubber

- Rackwheels

- Gears

- Wires


Also, TFCTech Unofficial register metal components (wires, gears, etc) based on which metals are registered in TFC-TNG.


New Devices:

- Fridge, apply cold and frozen food traits to your food to slow down decay

- Electric Forge, select desired temp to heat up your metal items
- Glassworking, melt down the correct items to obtain molten glass. Use a blowpipe to mold the glass to the desired output.

Fridge explanation:

- Efficiency rises while door is kept closed and energy is supplied
- At 30% efficiency foods get cold, gaining 0.25 decay rate (works on top of other traits)
- At 80% efficiency foods get frozen, gaining 0.1 decay rate

Crafttweaker support is added, check https://github.com/TFC-Metallum/TFCTech/wiki/CraftTweaker-scripts for methods and how to use.


Future plans:

- Primitive circuitry components and forms of obtaining them

- Primitive generators and batteries

- Maybe more content based on which mods are active (integration recipes for Immersive Engineering for example)