TFCTech Addon

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– is an addon to TerraFirmaCraft.

This is a cross-over mod, which integrates technical mods with TerraFirmaCraft.

TFCTech adds a lot of new items such as metal dust, nuggets, plates, gears and much more. All items use the mechanics of TerraFirmaCraft. Metal items can be heated and melted with the TerraFirmaCraft mechanics.

Mod adds a new metal in TFC - aluminum. This is necessary because there is no aluminum in TFC. Aluminum is produced by melting bauxite. Bauxite is a new ore, added by this mod and can be configured in TFCOre.cfg file.


Also, TFCTech adds three alloys: Electrum, Constantan (Cupronickel) and Invar.


All items

The process of rubber production in TFCTech is unique and similar to the real-life.

Rubber Tapping


Wire Draw Bench for making wires:


Wire Draw Bench




Bauxite ore:


Bauxite ore



Electrum recipe

Gold 37%-63%

Silver 37%-63%


Constantan recipe

Copper 55%-65%

Nickel 35%-45%


Invar recipe

Iron 60%-70%

Nickel 30%-40%

Some recipes:

Pipe Frame  Pipe crafting

More complex pipe recipe  More complex pipe recipe and pipe description


Bone glue:

Dixie  Dixie with bones


Boiling bones  Glue


 ATTENTION! TFCTech adds new Hevea Trees and Bauxite Ore in world generation! I recommend using this mod only on new worlds. In any case, do not forget that this is an alpha! Make backups!


The list of mods, which is planned to integrate:

  • Buildcraft (93% complete)
  • Immersive Engineering (12% complete)
  • Railcraft
  • Logistics Pipes
  • Open Computers

Expected features in future updates:

  • New electric devices
  • New flat carts: Log Car, Cart with Chest, Cart with Barrel
  • New ores, metals and alloys
  • Some decoration blocks

Using in modpacks:

Feel free to use it in your modpacks, just don't forget that this is deep alpha!

And I would be grateful if you tell me that you are going to use my mod. Just for information.




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