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Some small bugfixes / balance tweaks

This mod was made because I like to mess with some of the stock TFC balance aspects, and I don't want to keep using custom builds.

I put this mod online because I think some other people may want to use it.

This mod can be added and removed from servers/worlds at will, but must be on both sides (because of recipe modifications).


This mod does not change the balance of TFC by default, look at the config for those options.

If you use this mod's balance changes in a pack, make it appearance to your players so they don't go complain about things not matching up with the wiki.



Important (somewhat hidden) option:

If you want to disable all ASM this mod does, you can specify this as a JVM argument:


This can help you hunt down bug and strange behavior associated with features using ASM, as listed below.

This option should not be used in modpack distributions. Contact me if you are having issues and have to use this!


Feature list

Always on

  • OreDictionary armor dye recipe (This is a forgebug by the way, it has nothing to do with TFC)

Off by default

  • Fuel on firepit despawn prevention (time configurable; including infinite)
  • Combine foods on pickup
  • Disable rotten flesh drops
  • Disable spider eye drops
  • Item despawn prevention (time configurable; including infinite)
  • [ASM] Unify vanilla water/lava and TFC fresh_water/lava. This will allow fresh water to be used in mods.




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