TFC: Metallum is an addon for the official TerraFirmaCraft port to 1.12.2+ that adds new ores, metals, tools and more to the mod.
The core plan is to register new metals into TFC for seamless integration with other mods' resources.


Current Implemented Metals:
- Aluminium
- Aluminium Brass
- Antimony
- Mithril
- Osmium
- Cobalt
- Ardite
- Constantan (Cupronickel)
- Electrum
- Invar
- Red Alloy
- Titanium
- Tungsten
- Tungstensteel
- Boron
- Thorium
- Lithium
- Manganese
- Magnesium
- Beryllium
- Zirconium
- Uranium
- Tough
- Magnesium Diboride
- HSLA Steel
- Zircaloy
- Beryllium Copper
- Ferroboron

Metallum also includes multiple new ores, some which have no direct functionality or usage but can easily be configured or scripted via CraftTweaker or other alternatives, for integration with other mods.

Recommended additional mods:
CraftTweaker: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/crafttweaker


Want to see more metal added to the mod? Feel free to make a suggestion here!