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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

The mod is dedicated to anyone who loves TF2 and Minecraft just like me. The mod will also satisfy users who want more balanced gun game-play.


What's in store with 1.6.0 and Beyond?

          - 1.6.0 = In Rafradek's own words "It's a Secret"

          - Past 1.6.0. -> Currently Unknown - This Mod is currently waiting upon more management, rest assured it is not entirely abandoned yet.


Will the mod update past 1.12.2?


- most likely not no.



Current Weapon/Equipment List:

Dragon's Fury


Sniper Rifle

Sydney Sleeper





Stickybomb Launcher

Scottish Resistance

Sticky Jumper


Fist of Steel

Frying Pan



Market Gardener


Killing gloves of boxing


Disciplinary Action



Gloves of Running urgently

HHH'S Headtaker

Scatter Gun













Eureka Effect

Home-Made Wrench (Craftable Low-Tier Wrench)

Flying Guillotine

Your Eternal Reward

Butterfly Knife


Huo-Long Heater



Flare Gun

Crusader's Crossbow

Grenade Launcher


Loose Cannon

Rocket Launcher

Direct Hit

Rescue Ranger

Syringe Gun

Righteous Bison


Rocket Jumper

Disguise Kit


Scout's Shoes (Ability to Double-jump)



Horn (To play the banners for soldier)

Dalokohs Bar


PDA (Engineer Building Tool, Teleporters are locked at number 128)

B.A.S.E Jumper


Darwin's Danger Shield



Buff Banner

Battalions Backup


Thermal Thruster

Jetpack Trigger (To use the Thermal Thruster)

Mad milk


Bonk! Atomic Punch



Over Head Door  - ( Sliding Overhead doors that go up and down like on 2FORT, can be restricted to per Team, Per Mob, or Per Player with Door Controllers.)


RED Sentry Box

BLU Sentry Box

Red Dispenser Box

Blu Dispenser Box

Red Teleporter Box

Blu Teleporter box


Class tokens (can be applied to restrict weapon use and set health/speed stats based on config setting.)


Scrap metal (for trading)

Many Robot parts (To create killstreak kits.)

Killstreak kits (adds special effects to gun during streak, such as 4% clip size increase per streak kill)

(Note streaks start to fade after at-least a minute of no-consecutive kills, this fade timer gets shorter the higher your streak gets.)


Copper, Lead Ingots (Used in ammo crafting)


Ammo belt (Useful way to store ammo without taking up inventory space.)

Mann Co Crates (Dropped by Mercs and such)


Mann Co Key (Bought, Found, or traded to be used on Mann Co Crates)


TF2 Crafting Table - Allows you to craft many of this mods features

Strangifier - Used in TF2 Crafting table to strangify a gun

                  - EX surrounding any gun in australlium makes it an australlium gun

                  - Apply Strangifiers to guns/tools.


There's also  many cosmedic hats with unusual effects.

Unusuals can give bonuses such as

"14% increased attack speed when on wearer's head"

"8% increased reload time when on wearer's head"




Tour of Duty tickets (bought from saxton hale, summon robot events.)
- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare.

Suspiciously Looking Axe (Summons HHH)


Demo Eye (Summons Monoculus)


Summons Wizardry kit (Summons Merasmus, MY ROOMMATE, WHO WON'T GIVE ME BACK MY THINGS. - Soldier)



RED BANNERS: Spawn only Red Mercs in 35 block range

(Fast respawn varriant spawns them faster.)

BLU Banners: Spawn only Blu Mercs in 35 block range

(Fast respawn varriant spawns them faster.)

Gray Banner: Spawn Neither Blu or Red Mercs in 35 meter range.


Want a quick answer? Click the Discord logo below and join the server.


Mann Co. Store


"Mann Co. We sell guns"  is the place where you can join a team, buy a weapon (using australium ingots and nuggets) and upgrade it (using experience).

It can be found around the world. {A benefit to buying a gun from Saxton hale, is that in the event it gets destroyed, or lost, you can talk to him again and click "return lost items." and he will give you another one for free (granted that the old item is actually destroyed, and not hidden in someone elses inventory, or a chest.}

Upgrade stations can have varying upgrades, so be sure to look for them in villages! One might have the final tier upgrade for your attack damage, or one might increase the overall range of your flamethrower!



Provided that after joining a team you kill at least 5 mercenaries, you gain access to contracts once each in-game week. Finish those to gain rare items like keys or australium bars. Most contracts have objectives that can only be completed using certain weapons.


Mobs from this mod start appearing after the end of first night. Then for 15 days, their spawn rate increases. They will also attack mercenaries on the other team even if they are spawned by a spawn egg. They are neutral to unassigned players to any team, all surrounding mercenaries on the same team will attack an unassigned player if they attack one of the teams mercenaries. 


All these Mobs have a chance to drop their respective weapons, Scrap metal (for trading and crafting) and an ammo box (contents you get depend on the gun you're holding out). (EX: The Pyro will drop flamethrowers, Flare guns, or sometimes the hat they are wearing.)

Some weapons may have special stats (ie: Damage boost, ammo efficiency, etc), so be sure to double check the weapons you get from them!


After joining a team (In Mann Co. store), you can start trading with your teammates (mobs) by right clicking on them.

Sometimes curious mercenaries will trade hats for metal! Be sure to keep a eye out for any hats you find!



Health: 15 hearts

He can deal massive amount of damage with his minigun if you come too close.


Health: 7.5 hearts

He will jump over you and try to dodge your attacks


Health: 7.5 hearts


Health: 9.25 hearts


Health: 10 hearts



Health: 9.25 hearts



Health: 8.5 hearts




Health: 7.5 hearts


He can become invisible or disguise himself to stab you from behind!




Health: 7.5 hearts


He can build sentries to protect himself and his allies, along with dispensers to heal them!



Extra drops:

  • Sentry, dispenser or teleporter boxes


Building boxes can be crafted from crafting station or found from dead engineers.

Upgrading buildings requires metal from dispenser or iron bars, and is done by smashing your sentry with a wrench.


Applies significant knockback and deals 3.2 hearts damage per second to enemy mobs, or any player that hurts the owner


Heals 1/1.5/2 hearts per second, generates 28/35/42 metal every 10 seconds. Metal can be used to upgrade, repair buildings and tools (Tool enchantments increase metal cost)


Allows quick travel. One player can build up to 128 teleport exits; channel is configurable by right clicking the teleporter.


To fire weapons, you need to hold left mouse button. Critical hit system is similar to that one from TF2


Ammo is required to fire a weapon in survival mode. It can be crafted in crafting station, or collected from mobs. To increase ammo capability craft an ammo belt and put it in special slot, accessible by right clicking the belt.


Sometimes there will be random events that occur. These events will varry from Robots invading your world (Protect Mann Co!!) or just a large crowd of Mercenaries flooding the area, Robots and Mercs. can drop weapons with some Pre-Upgraded things on them during these Events, more commonly then normal spawned Mercs.


Merasmus the Wizard

Merasmus is one of the Bosses players can find. He has a significant amount of health, and specializes in bomb magic. When he takes enough damage he can disguise as various blocks. However, these blocks take a significant amount of time to break, unless you have a weapon with the Harvest blocks attribute. Its also one of the only bosses to have a time limit, disappearing if you don't kill him in time!



Monoculous is one of the bosses that can be found in these events as well. He's a giant floating eyeball that attacks most if not all enemies with a series of rocket blasts! Be careful, these blasts can destroy some terrain!


Horseless Headless Horseman

Horseless Headless Horseman (or HHH) is one of the bosses to spawn via events. Unlike Monoculous or Merasmus, he's one of the few to focus on melee attacks. He does insane knockback, and is powerful enough to oneshot most mobs, even with armor. However if you manage to defeat him, you manage to get his Headtaker!


In order to craft TF2 weapons and items, you need a special crafting station, which can be done by combining iron block, crafting table and scrap metal



All recipes are listed in the GUI:



Australium block, ingot and nugget recipes:


Metal can be smelt into iron bars:


Ammo belt and cosmetic inventory:

By right-clicking a hat, ammo or ammo belt, a special inventory window appears.

Hats placed in cosmetic slots does not drop on death.

When anything is placed in the inventory, a "W" button will appear at the top of the GUI




From left - copper, lead and australium


Copper and lead only generates if there is no other mod that could generate these ores. Copper and lead are crafting ingredients for making bullets. Australium is used as currency in Mann Co. Store and to create australium - quality weapons as well.


Dungeon Loot

Varying kinds of loot can be found in dungeon chests as well. From ammo boxes, to even strange and powerful variants of weapons. Ammo boxes can be used by throwing them on the ground and picking them up with whatever weapon you want ammo for, or you can right click it in your hand to get random ammo.

Some extremely rare weaponry can only be found in the nether!

Give weapon:

/giveweapon is a command that gives the specified weapon to the player, with additional attributes.



/giveweapon <item> [player] [attribute index:attribute value ...] [v] [a] [s] [u:effect index]



  • /giveweapon shotgun - gives shotgun to the command sender
  • /giveweapon minigun xyz - gives minigun to xyz
  • /giveweapon sniperrifle xyz 0:1.75 6:0.5 - gives sniper rifle to xyz, with 75% damage bonus and 50% increased fire speed attributes.
  • /giveweapon teamcaptain xyz u:0 - gives unusual Team Captain with burning flames effect

All possible attributes can be located in references

Other commands:

  • /resetbossstat [player] - clears all boss progress for a given player
  • /resetitemdata - reloads weapon data files

Dual wielding:

Revolvers, pistols, SMGs and syringe guns can be placed in offhand slot to increase total attack speed in cost of reduced accuracy and reload speed.

Custom content creation:

Here is located an example pack with custom weapons and a hat.

It can be extracted to the Minecraft folder.

You will need to add the resource pack


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