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Textile Backup

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What is it?

Textile Backup porvides a way to automatically make a backup of your world, zip it and even bring it back later, replacing your old world, all without leaving the game.

List of features

  • Multithreaded compression: backups are made much faster than with other mods.
  • Multiple compression formats: performace can be tuned to your preference
  • It's super easy to bring back an old verion of your world (Requires server restart)
  • Built-in management features: you can whitelist/blacklist players' access to txb commands
  • Automatic deletion of old files (Age-, Number- and Size- based)
  • Highly configurable: Wiki
  • Fully server-sided: all features are available even if it's only peresent on the server

Installation Guide

Usage Guide

This mod requires both the Fabric API and Cloth Config to run.

Feel free to use this mod in your modpack or on a server!


If you need any help then you can join the Discord server
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