Text Block

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This mod will help you add any flavor of text to your Minecraft world! Whether you want to make a billboard sign or a big announcement in your world, this mod is for you!



  • A text block mod available in creative (can be made craftable in survival using data packs)
  • Ability to customize its size, rotation, color, and various other properties
  • Useful for displaying information to the player in a more concise and clean way


Text Block Options

  • Text - this can be whatever you want, either raw text or a text component (just like in /tellraw, you can use any online tellraw generator to color it. This can also include translatable text)
  • Billboard - will make the text always face you
  • Distance Scale - the size of the text will depend on how far you are from the Text block
  • Offset - how much the text is offset from the text block
  • Rotation - the rotation of the text
  • Scale - how big the text is, for X, Y, and Z axis





Issues & Feedback

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