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-What is this mod?-

Successor and Sequel to the mod, Zero Quest! Tetracraft is a mod that modifies the general gameplay of Minecraft, creating another adventure for the Minecraft game!


--Does it have Dependencies--

Yes, it has a dependency. In order to run the mod, you need to have Cryogenic Library downloaded in the mods folder along with this mod.


--Does the mod have Dependents?--

As of now, it does not.


--What version of Minecraft will it support?--

As of now, it will support 1.9.4 and up to the latest versions.


--What does this mod do?--

This mods adds in an all new gameplay experience to Minecraft! Giving you more items and blocks to explore, new creatures to discover and fight, and so much more! The way you play the new gameplay is your choice!

NOTE: This mod is open source, so you may look at the methods for each version of Minecraft. Also, this is a Work-In-Progress mod, so there will be more things coming to the later releases!


--Where can I request changes and report bugs?--

Through Github Issues.


--Where is the Source Code located?--

At Github.


--Features of the Mod--


Triax Ore

An ore block that drops Triax ingot when mined with any type of pickaxe. It drops 2 - 3 of these ingots. It spawns between ground levels of 0 - 20, the recommended place to find these blocks is in ravines and dungeons (basically the large, underground areas where you would most likely find other ores like gold, lapis, iron, and sometimes diamond)


It appears in the game as the image below:


Ballistic Bow

A variant of the vanilla bow that has the capability of rapid fire, dealing a consistent damage of 1 heart - 2 hearts (2 - 4 HP).


It appears in the game as the image below:

Ballistic Bow


It can be crafted using 2 sticks, 3 string and 1 Triax Ingot as arranged in the order displayed below.

 Ballistic Bow Recipe

Triax Ingot

An ingredient required to create many of the items that will appear in the mod. It can be obtained by mining Triax Ore or killing entities like Terrakons.


It appears in the game as the image below:

Breeding Bone

A key item needed to breed the entities they appear in the mod. In order to breed to animals, right click on both a tamed female and male of the same species and they will become 'in love' and produce a tamed baby.


Two of these items can be crafted using 1 bone and 4 Triax Ingots as arranged in the order displayed below.

Breeding Bone Recipe


It appears in the game as the image below:



A large, wolf-like entity that can be tamed and ridden once tamed. On death, it drops Triax Ingot, 1-6 experience, and, but only when tamed, drops a saddle if the owner has equipped it with a saddle. It deals 3 hearts (6 HP) of damage as an adult (tamed and wild/untamed) and 0.5 hearts of damage (1 heart) as a child. It has a total 40 hearts (80 HP) wild/untamed and 50 hearts (100 HP) tamed.

Usage And Behavior

Tamed Terrakons can be equipped with saddles. Once a Terrakon is saddled, the player can control it with standard directional controls, jump, and the mouse. The player dismounts using the dismount control. Similar to horses, Terrakons can step over blocks while being ridden, utilizes charged jumping, and the player can use items while riding.

Attacking, State And Gender

A wild Terrakon will become hostile towards a player or other mob that attacks it and will also cause other nearby wild Terrakons to become hostile. Standing tamed Terrakons to become hostile towards whomever the owner attacks or attacks the owner. Female Terrakons have a light stripe on the sides of their torsos while Male Terrakons have dark stripes, some examples of this are shown in the images at the bottom.


Terrakons can eat any kind of meat including raw and cooked fish. They can be tamed by feeding (right-clicking) them bones. It will get an orange collar around its neck and on its legs when successfully tamed. You can also change a tamed Terrakon's collar color by right clicking with a dye.


Terrakons can be bred, if tamed, at full health and breeding the opposite gender (female to male and male to female), through the use of breeding bones. Keep in mind that Terrakons are born at low health and strength and will susceptible to death. Baby Terrakons cannot regenerate health nor can be ridden on.


Terrakons can be found in the Taiga, Taiga Hills, Cold Taiga, Cold Taiga Hills, and in Plains biomes in packs of 2 or 4.


Here are some of the appearances of the entity:

Wild Male Terrakon

Wild Male Terrakon


Adult Terrakon and Baby Terrakon Comparison

Adult and Baby Terrakon Size Comparison


Male Terrakon with Saddle

Tamed Male Terrakon with saddle

            Male Terrakon Sitting

Tamed Male Terrakon sitting down


Female Terrakon

Tamed Female Terrakon


Hostile Terrakon

Hostile Terrakon


  • Chat commands
    • <variable> → required!
    • [variable] → optional
  • /tetracraft help [page|command name] – Displays all of the mod’s commands and information about each one
    • Alias:
      • /tetracraft h
      • /tetracraft ?
  • /tetracraft version – Displays the mod’s information (version, whether it is up-to-date), Forge’s version and the Minecraft version
    • Alias:
      • /tetracraft v
  • /tetracraft admin <subcommands> – Perform commands that modify the tameable entities (ones loaded by the mod only) and can be potentially be usedforgriefing, thus being restricted to administrators and moderators
    • Alias:
      • /tetracraft a
      • /tetracraft *
    • Subcommands,Alias:
      • tame,t – Tames the nearest entity
      • heal,hp – Heals the nearest entity to maximum health
      • name,n – Changes the name of the nearest entity
        • Parameters:
          • <New Pet Name>
      • purge,p – Kills the nearest entity or all entities in the world
        • Parameters,Alias:
          • wild, w – Kills only untamed entities
          • tamed,t – Kills only tamed entities
          • all, a – Kills both tamed AND untamed entities in the world
      • age,a – Changes the age of the nearest entity
        • Parameters,Alias:
          • baby, b – Changes the age to a baby 
          • adult, a – Changes the age to an adult
      • gender,g – Changes the gender of the nearest entity
        • Parameters,Alias:
          • male,boy –  Changes the gender to a male
          • female, girl – Changes the gender to a female
      • Special Parameter,Alias (Optional)
        • global,g,all,a – Appliesthesubcommands ALL entities in the world
          • This goes at the end of EVERY admin command and its parameters
            • Ex: /tetracraft admin gender female global
            • Ex 2: /tetracraft admin purge wild global 
          • The following subcommands with/without the following parameter CANNOT use the global option, as they already apply to all entities in the world
            • /tetracraft admin purge all


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