Tesla Essentials

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Tesla Essentials

By Team Avion

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Protip: If you think reading is boring, skip to paragraph 2 and also read the “TL;DR” at the bottom.


This mod was created during the span of 96 hours for The Modding Trials competition. This means that, in accordance with the competition stipulations, all of the code is hand-written and nothing (except the Tesla API) was written before the start of the competition. As such, the blocks and items created were thoroughly pre-planned and created with the express purpose of supplying the essentials to such an open API. The mod was created by a modding group by the name of “ModSquad that is now called Team Avion” whose members are “Tjkenmate”, “Tacomundu12”, “Bread10” and “Blynd3” and "A deathly Touch".


Tesla Essentials is a mod that adds a set of essential tools and blocks to your Minecraft world. As is probably pretty obvious, this mod requires Tesla API to be in your mods folder along with this one. The mod allows you to do everything from charge Items that hold Tesla to grind up ores double your ore output.


Tesla Essentials


We, here at Team Avion, are very keen to emphasize the importance of being environmentally friendly; as such, we have provided you, the player(s), with two absolutely outstanding options for generating power. The first option is to use a Furnace Generator which, as the name implies, generates power by using the fuel of a furnace. The second option is to use a solar panel. The former may consume items, which means that it will need some maintenance to run, but at the bonus of producing more power relative to the latter option. Speaking of the latter option, the solar panel may generate less energy, but it requires absolutely no maintenance to keep running. This means that you are getting free energy (during daytime and when it isn’t raining), but at the aforementioned drawback of generating less energy per block.


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Tesla essentials

Ores and Resources:

Iron and Gold DustCopper and TinLead


Production Gen and ChargerEnergy Storage and Ecological productionCable


Electrical Alloy Armour jetpackTool and PotatoToast




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This mod adds machines for increasing ore output. Also, we have an electric potato.



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