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Terra Incognita BETA


DOWNLOAD: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/terra-incognita/files

Terra Incognita is a terrain generator made by me, J_from_Holland. It features many new biomes, climate zones and trees. This version is completely rewritten (once upon a time, there was an Alpha version...). To use this generator, you need Terrain Control, which is a really awesome plugin/mod to generate terrain with.


Installation instructions
1. Install Terrain Control 2.8.0. Put this in the bukkit.yml file! Otherwise it won't work!

generator: TerrainControl"

2. Download the Terra Incognita zip-file.
3. Unzip it (duh). You get a folder with a lot of .bc files.
4. Copy everything which was in the zip into the plugins folder. You should also put the terrain control server .jar there.
5. Run the server.
In the future this will be Forge-1.9-compatible too.


Here are some cool images.


This is the Forest M biome. It's quite mountainous, if you ask me.


Stone Beach island in the front, snowy area in the background.

Which vastness do you prefer, the desert or the ocean?


Mesa and jungle, both hot, but totally different.


Biomes are nice, their intersections are even nicer.


Deserty Dunes.


Beautiful tiny Taiga island in front of a Savanna.


The Fernland biome brings light into the Taiga.


Taiga, Roofed Forest, Forest. High and low. Variety covered in trees.


Birch forest to the left, Taiga to the right, I recommend to sail in between.


A naturally generated fight arena in a Mesa? Random generation is random...




Savanna and Taiga Hills, hot and cold separated by a tiny stream of water from the mountains.


Mesa village. Say hi to the inhabitants.


That's not your all-day forest. Or is it?


Forest Hills with Cold Taiga in the background.


A village in a meadow (yes, that's a meadow, not a plains), next to a sandy area and some trees.


A beautiful valley in the Cold Taiga.


Last but not least: some mountains. These are just the lowest ones. They may generate much higher...

You can create a map of your world by typing /tc map. /tc map -s 300 will create a map of 4800x4800, /tc map -s 200 (default) will create a map of

When spawning in an ocean, the closest island is never far away. Just swim in the right direction.
The custom biomes are listed as plains, forest, taiga, etc. Using /tc biome you can see the actual biomes.
Fun time playing!
Please give me some feedback! Would be nice ;)

Thanks to Frofster for the trees! (this was for the alpha version, I'll still keep it)

Thanks to NlBlackEagle from the Terrain Control forums (forum.mctcp.com) for some of trees and rocks.


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