Tensura Mod -That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

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Hello and welcome to the TenSura Mod, this mod is about bringing "That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime" into the world of Minecraft by allowing the player to use all manners of races and skills shown from the series - once you reincarnate that is!
Also in Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/tensura-mod


We are working on creating Tensura: Reincarnated and making it awesome so keep track of our progress in the Discord Server!
Also watch the latest Dev Log




This mod DOES NOT feature a model / skin change. Meaning that you will not be able to look like any of the races you mimic unless you download a Morph Mod. 

 Content Creators:  Feel free to make content with this mod and use this in modpacks but leave a link to this mod in the description. We also request you inform viewers if you are using a Morph Mod. 


Gameplay Tips


When you begin, one may choose to play normally or reincarnate. Some advancements before reincarnating can guarantee a skill. For a list, visit the wiki.


If you do not meet the requirements of any of the guaranteed skills then upon reincarnating, you will be granted a random Unique Skill.



1, Q: How do you get a subordinate?
A: Do the command /name [name] then right-click on any tameable and untamed mobs. This however, will take from your Max Magicule count.

2, Q: What are tameable mobs? What mobs can be subordinates?
A: Any mobs that can be tamed in vanilla Minecraft (like wolves, parrots, cats, etc.), Tensura mod (like Goblins, Lizardmen, Orcs, Direwolves, etc), and from other mods (like Dragons from IceAndFire,...)


3, Q: How do I get more skills?
A: Ways to get Skills:
- Start on a new world 
- Steal or Copy Skills with Predator, Gluttony, Pride,...
- Summon a Spirit (more on the wiki)
- Defeating bosses (Orc Disaster = Starved, Ifrit = Combustion + Ranged Barrier, Shizue = Degenerate + Fire Manipulation, Charybdis = Gravity Manipulation + Magic Jamming + <Magic Sense + Ultraspeed Regeneration>) - All of these have their own chances, nothing is guaranteed.
- Killing Otherworlders; (Healer, Dilletante, Analyst, Berserker, Severer)
- Defeat the Intelligent Slime (rare spawn + small chance to obtain: Predator + Great Sage)
- If a player's health is lower than 50%, the player will have 5% get the [Survivor] when killing Otherworlders and players.


4, Q: How do you evolve skills?
A: Evolve yourself, with this, the more evolution you can get, the more chance your skills can evolve => Goblin > Human xD or do /upgradeskill on certain skills like Sage, Shadow Step, etc.


5, Q: Is there a way to change my starting skill?
A: Yes, make the Skill Reroll Scroll. 

6, Q: How do I use the intrinsic abilities of my Race?
A: Some races have them, some don't. There's a key bind called 'Mount/Race Ability', default is R. For demons it's R(for flight) and Shift+ R (for the rift)


7, Q: How do I evolve my Race?
A: You can check your requirements for evolution on the wiki or in our discord. After this, do /evolution race.


8, Q: What does the Charybdis core do?
A: There are two forms of the core: Inactive and Active.
- Inactive Charybdis Core:
+ If you have the skill [Degenerate], you can just right-click the core on the ground, this will have a chance to help you 'fuse' with the core and get the skills but it can take away your magicules, as well as prove fatal.
+ Otherwise, you can get 'Intelligent Life Form' mobs (Human-like mobs like Villagers, Pillagers, Otherworlders+ Humanoid Mobs like Goblin, Orc, Lizardman,...). After that, you can let the mob of choice walk on the Core or just right-click the Core on the mob. An explosion might occur, the mob will get an effect that will spawn Charybdis when expired.
- Active Charybdis Core: The core has 4 Skills (Gravity Manipulation + Magic Jamming + Magic Sense + Ultraspeed Regeneration). Simply right-click the core to get its skills, keep in mind that it isn't certain you will obtain all of those, as they have their chances too, the higher your Analyst level is, the higher the chance you get.


9, Q: Where can you find some of the common mobs?
A: You can see it in detail from the wiki but here is a short list: (all of them spawn in Mountains)
- Giant Bat: Plains + Mountain
- Armorsaurus: Mesa + Mountain
- Black Spider: Plains + Jungle + Forest
- Evil Centipede: Mountain + Savanna
- Giant Ant: Jungle + Mountain
- Knight Spider: Jungle + Mountain
- Tempest Serpent: Forest + Mountain


10, Q: Where can I find the bosses?
A: 3 Bosses can 'drop' Skills:
- Shizue/Ifrit: Anywhere, each time an Otherworlder spawned, there is a Super Small chance that she would spawn.
- Orc Disaster: Desert/Mesa if there are no other Orcs around.
- Charybdis: A cave Structure for you to find the core


11, Q: How can I become a True Demon Lord?
A: These are the requirements for Demon Lord:
- If you have the Demon Lord Seed, which is a 5% chance to get when reincarnating or you can get it yourself by getting it by chance from Orc Disaster: With the Seed, you will need 10k Souls to evolve to DL. [You can change this with /gamerule soulAmount [number]]
- If you don't have the Demon Lord Seed, the amount of Soul you need will be x10, which default is 10k x 10 = 100k Souls.
- Human Race can't become a Demon Lord.
Note: After all of this, the screen will become red, all you need to do is /evolution demonlord or /evolution DemonLord then wait...


12, Q: How do I get Souls?
A: You can get Souls by killing Human Mobs, which include Players(with Human Race only), Villagers, Illagers(Pillagers, Vindicators, Witches, Evokers,...), Otherworlders(4 Otherworlders, Shizue,...)

13, Q: Whats' my max magicule limit, and how do I increase it?
You can read more about max magicule limits on our wiki page, the way to increase it is by:
a)Merging with Ifrit
b)Merging with Charybdis; be it the inactive or the active core
c)Evolutions double your max magicules
d)Becoming a TDL/True Hero multiplies your magicules tenfold.
e) Each time you used 1% of your Max Magicule, you will get 1 Max Magicule increased [This only works with skills that need to activate].


14, Q: How do I become a True Hero, and which race can become one?
A: Only the Human Race and its evolution line can become the True Hero; Wights turned to humans can't.
Firstly you will need a Light Spirit; the only way to get it is through luck, and yes, the Race reroll scroll helps.
Now, to obtain the egg you will need Hero Points.
Hero Points work like this:
1 Hero Point <- Monster Kill
The first time killing Charybdis and Orc Disaster is 1000
Random for killing Charybdis and Orc Disaster afterward
You will also lose points for killing "good" players such as the ones with a light spirit or a Hero egg.
You have a 20% chance of obtaining an egg every 1000 Hero Points after 10,000.
Hatching the Egg
75 levels
Below 1000 Souls
Advancements: Free The End, Withering Height, The Living Disaster, The Ruler of the Skies, The Successor of the Flame
Full Netherite Armor
Full Orichalcum Tools
Then do /evolution Hero


15, Q: I've seen people change models, is that a feature?
A: No, but you can use the Morph mod:


16. Q: Can I control the mob spawns?
A: With other mods like the In Control mod.


17. Q: How do I kill an Intelligent Slime?
A: With Demon Steel, or Orichalcum weapons, with weapons such as the Shizue Sword or skills.


18. Q: What do Demon Lord Haki and the Hero Haki do?
A: They give the player a magicule regen boost based on their max magicules.

19. Q; How do I use skills?
A: Your skill menu(outside of the GUI) consists of three compartments; you can open your GUI and add skills by clicking on the slot you want to add the skill to, and then the skill you want to add. Keep in mind that the middle one is your main skill slot; you can change your main slot by clicking Left/Right arrow. After equipping the skill/ -s, click on the Skill Use the Keys Z, X or C to use the skill.

20. Q; Does this mod work on mobile?
A: No, the mod doesn't work on mobile. It works only on Java Edition and will not be ported to other platforms.



You can use this mod in mod packs, videos, reviews, and servers.
You can not modify and share the mod without permission.
You can not repost the mod somewhere else without me knowing it.
You cannot sell mod related content for real money, or currency that can be bought with real money, nor duplicate items(with a different name) to bypass this rule.


`Q&A Team`

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`Dev Team`

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`Asset Makers`

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Thank you all for working hard and helping the mod keep moving forward.
Special thanks to all our previous staff members<3