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Taking teleports to a whole new level !



/!\ New In telepads 1.12.2 : > Public telepads , sync a telepad to every player on the server ! 

More info on these here



All about Telepads


Requieres SubLib to run ! (check the Relations, dependency tab)

The only way of getting a Telepad is by crafting it :  

You can then proceed to place it down...  

Name it  

and maybe even color it by using any dye !  
_(feet will always be colored first, then the arrows)_  
_(dyes can be removed by using a bucket of water on the pad)_

If you then proceed to stand on the telepad, an interface will appear shortly after.  

You'll have to place down multiple pads to go about in your world.  

Travel trough dimensions with virtually no restrictions !

Advanced Telepad mechanics
If you seek to go over dimensional, read about the [Transmitter Upgrade](  
If you play with friends in LAN or on a server, find out more about [sharing Telepads]( !


Additions in : Teleport Aid


Ender Beads

Teleport to a random Telepad !


Ender Bead Necklace

Teleport to the nearest telepad !!


More info on the Teleport-Aid here


Visit the Official Wiki

for info more about crafting recipes, removing telepads, upgrades,

server tools and much more


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