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Taking teleports to a whole new level !



/!\ New In telepads 1.12.2 : > Public telepads , sync a telepad to every player on the server ! 

More info on these here



All about Telepads


Requieres SubLib to run ! (check the Relations, dependency tab)

The only way of getting a Telepad is by crafting it :  

You can then proceed to place it down...  

Name it  

and maybe even color it by using any dye !  
_(feet will always be colored first, then the arrows)_  
_(dyes can be removed by using a bucket of water on the pad)_

If you then proceed to stand on the telepad, an interface will appear shortly after.  

You'll have to place down multiple pads to go about in your world.  

_Sad Disclaimer  
The telepads do not show up in a certain order in the gui. They will almost always be in a random order. I'm currently looking for a solution to this problem._

Advanced Telepad mechanics
If you seek to go over dimensional, read about the [Transmitter Upgrade](  
If you play with friends in LAN or on a server, find out more about [sharing Telepads]( !


Additions in : Teleport Aid


Ender Beads

Teleport to a random Telepad !


Ender Bead Necklace

Teleport to the nearest telepad !!


These items are currently open to balancing suggestions !!


More info on the Teleport-Aid here


Visit the Official Wiki

for info more about crafting recipes, removing telepads, upgrades,

server tools and much more


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