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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Technomancy, as much as you can guess from the name, is based around combining magic and technology in a (hopefully) fun way. A lot of blocks will be added based around the RF power system and using it to perform advanced magical shenanigins. The mod supports Blood Magic, Botania and Thaumcraft with dynamos to power your base in unique strange different ways.



  • Essentia Dynamo: Powered by any type of essentia. Each type gives a different fuel value by "category" (Primals have the same fuel value, Human-like aspects have the same values, plants are the same, etc). Essentia can be pumped in to any side and will be drawn from any type of jar regardless of label.
  • Node Dynamo: Pulls aura from a node (without breaking it). Nothing but bright nodes will be able to keep up with the aura draw rate.
  • Hippie Dynamo: Uses Botania man to run a powerful dynamo.
  • Blood Dynamo: Pump blood into this baby and let it produce tons of Row, row fight the powaaa!


  • Ecologic Transmuter: Buy supplying a very large amount of power, the Transmuter will terraform a maximum area of 300 blocks to either Tainted Land, Magical Forest, or Eerie biomes. Shift-Right-Click to toggle the output biome.
  • Quantum Jar: Stores 640 essentia. It will suck any essentia out of jars nearby as long as it has some essentia in it.
  • Node Fabricator: Creates aura nodes using massive amounts of power, Aurum, and taint.
  • Orderly Lamp: Reduces instability in infusion altars by pumping all the flux to another location.
  • Ender Jar: Like an ender chest but with essentia.
  • Essentia Coil: Transmits essentia wirelessly.
  • Eldritch Consumer: Requires massive amounts of power to absorb surround blocks and turn them into essentia.
  • Item Coil: Transmits items wirelessly.
  • Advanced Deconstruction Table: easy research points.
  • Blood Fabricator: produces blood from energy.
  • Mana Fabricator: produces mana from energy.
  • Processors: By combining the different sources of magic your are able to multiply the metal you get from your ores. Be aware that although very efficient, this system is extremly costly in terms of energy.


  • Crystals and Catalyst: they are able to form more or less complex rituals; an in-game books goes more in-depht with the ritual system's mechanics.


  • Coil Coupler: Couples coils.
  • Pen: Scribing tools that last a lot longer.
  • Energized Wand: A wand with a small amount of vis storage that recharges itself through capacitors.