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This mod adds the ability to own flyable TARDISes with interiors which use the same principle as Dimensional Doors to allow for multiple TARDISes with an interior that's bigger than the exterior.


The mod operates under a No GUI philosophy, so pretty much all of the controls are operated simply with right clicks and sneak right clicks (which require an empty hand).

Getting Started:

To own a TARDIS, the first thing you need is a Kontron crystal, which is used to craft a TARDIS key. Kontron crystals can be found in dungeon chests with a decent frequency or manufactured by somebody who owns a TARDIS or a powered TARDIS laboratory.


Once you have crafted your TARDIS key, simply right click with it and a TARDIS will materialize around you (might want to get out of the way). At this point, all that's left is to right click the door to enter your TARDIS.


The first sight


The next bit of advice is to take your first Sonic Screwdriver from the console (more can be produced from Artron Energy via a button on the console).


One of the fun things about this mod is the ability to extend your TARDIS with new rooms, which you can do using your screwdriver.

Start by sticking your screwdriver in the port at the back of the console, selecting a room using the two screens and pulling your screwdriver out.

Sneak right click with your screwdriver (while not looking at anything) until the screwdriver is in Schematic mode.

Right click the center block of a doorway to open the doorway into the new room.


Rooms can be dismantled by screwdrivering the control panel somewhere in the floor of the room while the screwdriver is in dismantle mode.


WARNING: Dismantling a room will result in everything inside it being destroyed! Changing console rooms may result in things in the console room getting replaced and destroyed in the process.


New Feature

All of the white blocks in the TARDIS have been made colorable; the Console Room has been recreated entirely out of white blocks now (although more Console Room designs are to come).


The Lab

The lab allows you to manufacture things like Chronosteel and Kontron Crystals. Like everything else in this mod, it has no GUI, so requires chests/hoppers or pipes to interact with:


Simply put the right recipe in to the top of the lab and the output will be produced at the bottom. All recipes consume Artron Energy from the TARDIS they are in and some require the TARDIS to be in flight to imbue items with the energies of the vortex.

The recipes can be found at http://imgur.com/a/4B7cv


Getting power and items from one part of the TARDIS to another can mean running a lot of cables, so to get around this, you can simply take the cover off a roundel and use the TARDIS's internal wiring and piping to transport stuff from one part of the TARDIS to another.


Simply screwdriver a roundel in Reconfigure mode to pop the top off.

Place a TARDIS Cable Interface onto it.

Run cables to/from it.



There is also a Nanogene Capsule which can be applied to an open roundel to provide healing to those nearby at the cost of Artron Energy and a Mass-Energy Interface which allows you to run ME Systems through the TARDIS's internal cabling.

Recently Added:

There's now an Essentia cable interface which allows you to pipe Thaumcraft essentia through your TARDIS's internal cabling. The cable interfaces have 3 modes which can be configured using your Sonic Screwdriver:

Transfer suction - the strongest suction being applied to any linked essentia cable interface is the suction this cable interface exhibits.

Suck hard - An untyped suction of 48 is exhibited (good for emptying jars,etc).

Suck soft - An untyped suction of 16 is exhibited (good for filling jars, etc).


Landing pads can also have cable interfaces applied to them to allow the TARDIS that is landed on them to interface with the outside world.

Artron Batteries

Artron batteries provide an alternative way to power some of your devices such as Labs and Nanogenes. Whilst an empty Artron Battery will not generate any Artron Energy, all it takes is being placed in an Artron rich environment to begin generating some Artron Energy.


Once you have an Artron Battery which is generating power, all you need to do is dismantle it to pick it up whilst maintaining the stored charge.


Simply placing it next to a Lab or device which requires Artron Energy is enough to transfer power to that device. Due to the high demands of Labs, however, it isn't recommended to have a low tier battery powering them, nor is it recommended to have the lab do lots of recipes at once.


One trick is to keep your Artron Battery inside your TARDIS and have it power a lab, preventing the lab from draining Artron Energy from your TARDIS's core, whilst still allowing the lab to function.


The Batteries have 3 modes, which correspond to Landed, Uncoordinated Flight and Coordinated Flight, which allows you to produce all kinds of recipes in the lab without requiring you to actually fly anywhere.


(Slightly old) TARDIS navigation manual: http://tardismod.com


Navigating is something which you get a feel for over time. The simplest way it can be described is the wheels on the x and z sides control the magnitude of 2 of the levers on that side; putting the wheels high will make those levers take you to astronomical distances. The other 3 levers are used to fine tune your landing position with each lever tuning a little finer than the last. For the Y Controls, the fine tuning levers are all that's available given the smaller range of Y values.


There is a coordinate guesser on the X side of the console and right clicking the time rotor will provide the same functionality for convenience. However, the coordinate guesser is slightly inaccurate and may report positions a little bit away from where you will actually land, but as your TARDIS levels up, the accuracy will improve.


Once you take off, energy will be expended to increase your speed up to its maximum (which is dictated by the speed lever). You will travel at this speed until you either reach your destination or land mid-flight.

When a button turns blue during flight, it means that you must correct this control or risk an explosion and damage to your TARDIS. Activating all the buttons also increases your TARDIS's level which unlocks new abilities and system upgrades. At higher speeds, the buttons can be much harder to press. Once you get above a certain TARDIS level, you will gain access to the Stabilizers which remove the need to press these buttons.


There is also a lever which toggles uncoordinated flight mode, during which you won't move but will slowly gain experience by activating the buttons. Also, this gives you the ability to change your destination using the navigation controls without losing speed.


Having the Land-Ground Control activated at all times is usually a good plan as it will make sure you land on the ground rather than in the air.

If the door is obstructed, the best bet is to try to rotate your TARDIS by turning the rotation wheel and taking off again without changing your destination.


There is WAILA support for the console, which makes life a lot easier.


Darkcore: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/230156-darkcore

Should no longer require CoFHCore


If you want to put this in a modpack, as long as you're not making money from it, go ahead.

If you could send me a PM before, though, that'd be great :)


Dev builds can be found on my jenkins: http://tardismod.com:8080/job/TardisMod/


This is obviously heavily inspired by the BBC show Doctor Who, to which I own no rights. Also inspired heavily by Fallout Who Vegas. All sound effects are used under fair use.