Tameable Arachne

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The mod where the spiders are cute and nothing else matters!

Congratulations on wanting cute and cuddly spider and chicken hybrids in your Minecraft world. These creatures are uncommonly in the world and are quite easy to tame.


Upon finding them, you can attempt to tame these beautiful creatures, adding potentially powerful minions to your disposal, more powerful than any ocelot you've met.


Simply offer any one you see a couple raw chickens. Both harpies and Arachne love this sort of thing, and they'll become your pet.


Now, how are they more powerful? Giving them one of three materials will increase their stats!

Giving them Diamonds increases their attack.

Giving them Gold increases their HP

Giving them iron increases their defense

Giving them a bucket makes them fill it with milk, so they're like eight legged cows, too! Economical!

Their HP recovers overtime, so keep an eye out and enjoy.


This is it. This is the magic candy. Using it on a chicken or spider nearby instantly turns them into their respective monster (You have a chance of getting a small or medium arachne from spiders), and giving them more candy changes their colour.

If you enabled it, here are the recipes to make each egg. However, these are disabled by default in the configuration file, and are hardly necessary normally, unless you're using modified spawns.

Credits to Lilac from minecraftuserJP for originally writing the code and making it free to modify and redistribute for 1.7.10.

Credit to 暇人@エセクラフター  for additional textures.

Credits to McHorse for refactoring the code for 1.12.2

Credits to Reploidsham for maintaining and starting the modernisation.

Fork, clone, and modify at will. Credit or none, just be nice to spiders.




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