Talismans 2

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Talismans 2 Is a sequel to Talismans.

Talismans 2 1.8 currently has Thaumcraft/Bloodmagic/Botania Support removed due to mods not being updated yet(they will return as soon as possible ).

In this new version of you can now craft Talisman with Thaumcraft or Blood Magic. These are not dependence's and are configurable if you wish to have the same feel of the original mod.

Talismans 2 Requires Baubles

Baubles Download


Talismans 2 1.10.2 is almost ready just waiting on Baubles to stabilise after recent changes before releasing. (Its coming soon) 


There are now 2 different kinds of talismans, the regular talisman and the blood talisman. If you do not have blood magic installed you will only be able to access the regular talismans. The types of talismans are as follows: Mining, Movement, Flame, Light, Water, Witherless, and Invisible (Crafting soon to come) Expand spoiler to get detailed information on all types.

Flame Talisman / Blood Flame Talisman: Provides Fire Resistance II / Need to buff (Same effect)


Invisible Talisman / Blood Invisible Talisman: Provides Invisibility / Need to buff (Same effect)


Light Talisman / Blood Light Talisman: Provides Night Vision / Need to buff (Same effect)


Mining Talisman / Blood Mining Talisman: Provides Haste II / Provides Haste V


Movement Talisman / Blood Movement Talisman: Provides Jump Boost II, Speed II / Provides Jump Boost V, Speed V


Water Talisman / Blood Water Talisman: Provides Water Breathing II / Need to buff (Same effect)


Witherless Talisman / Blood Witherless Talisman: Provides removal of Wither effect / Provides removal of Wither and Poison effect


To craft all blood talismans you will need at minimum a tier 2 altar. Talismans also drain 15 LP a tick so make sure you have a large buffer or else you get no effect!

Talismans are linked to a players blood network by Shift Right clicking with Talismans in hand.

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Thanks to Pokepeel for the awesome spotlight go check him out.


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A big thank you to NexansV6 who did the textures!

The licence is located at COPYING.txt, but to save you the trouble, it's GPLv3 (with one of the sounds under CC Attribution License).

Basically, do whatever you want, as long as it's free, open source, and stays under GPL. (Yes, that allows you to use it in your modpack.)


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