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Thermal Systeams


Thermal Systeams adds core Systeams I felt were missing from todays Thermally enhanced and expanded worlds. Enhance your power generation with Steam!

Adds in nine different boilers, one for each dynamo type in Thermal Expansion, one for Thermal Extra's frost dynamo and one for PneumaticCraft: Repressurized's pneumatic dynamo. Each generates steam from water and the normal fuel that type of dynamo would take. That steam can then be used in a steam dynamo to generate power. By default this produces twice the amount of power as a normal dynamo. Boilers also accept dynamo augments, to improve generation speed and efficiency!

Systeams also adds in world interactions for dynamos and boilers! Shift right click on a dynamo with a boiler pipe to convert it to a boiler, and shift right click on a boiler with a redstone flux coil to convert it to a dynamo! The coil/pipe is returned, and contents are kept as much as they are able to.

There are various mod compabilities available aside from the two extra boilers. Steam can be output as a gas from Mekanism, allowing you to pipe it into a Mekanism turbine if you wish. Most recipes are in JEI too, except for in world conversions and the fuel + water -> steam recipes for all the boilers, as these currently just show up as alternatives for the dynamo recipes.

You can find the mods config file at worldname/serverconfig/systeams-server.toml. Here you can configure various rates and ratios related to steam generation and consumption. To have this apply to all new worlds copy it to the defaultconfigs folder.

The recipes are able to be configured via the normal means, so datapack, KubeJS or CraftTweaker. Note that the boilers use the same recipe lot as their respective dynamo, so any changes to boiler recipes must be made to dynamo recipes. (apart from the rf to steam ratio. That is configurable via the config file mentioned above)

A showcase of the boilers, items and dynamo added by Systeams

Finally a massive thanks to King Lemming and the rest of the CoFH team who make the Thermal Series, to Reda, the CoFH artist, for such amazing textures that mine are based off and to Random, for some design, texturing and code advice.

And to Shiny for being.. well, Shiny.