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Are you a cooperative server or play on one? Do you have troubles coordinating buildings on a server?
Then this mod might just be what you need.


Syncmatica allows you to easily share litematics and their placements with the entire server.
Sharing a placement and getting it on your client is as easy as one click.

Syncmaticas intuitive design lets you do what took hours and blocked progress on the server in one simple action.


Installation and Requirements

Syncmatica expands litematicas menu on your client by a few buttons and menus to achieve its goal.
As such litematica has to be installed on the client for the mod to work properly.

Syncmatica then has to be installed on the client as well.
Syncmatica synchronises the data it contains by communicating over the minecraft server.

As such Syncmatica has to be installed on the server so that clients can share placements.

Use vx-1.16.5 for Minecraft versions 1.16-1.17

Use vx-1.18.1 for Minecraft versions 1.18 upwards



Right now Im working on the core features of the mod and making them as strong and intuitive as possible as well as making sure that there is a useful codebase in the back.
Because of that only very few features have been implemented - but those work properly


  • Sharing a placement including its file
  • Downloading a placement and litematic
  • Modifying a placement that exists on the server
  • Deleting of placements from the server
  • Quota system (limits on uploads per client to prevent abuse)
  • Security Features to make sure that there are no easy ways of damaging the servers or other clients when files are shared
  • Sharing subregions
  • Seeing who initially shared the placement and who last modified it



Despite having some security features there are still ways to mess with other clients - especially if no quota was configured.
That being said I do not see a way to cause serious harm to other members using the normal client and normal server.


Additional Info

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6NPDVNMZ3T