Symcity core

617 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Note : I am Korean, and I'm not good at English. If you find an incorrect translation, please comment.

: This sentence Scrap to "TTMP Core".


(You saw This Mod,) Don't Use Iron Chest! (Dirt Chest Not include. :)

(You saw This Mod,) Don' t Install Thermal Foundation! (if you installed TE, Not that.)

(This does not always have merit.  however,  install to my Mod.


Mod Spotlight


This is Ore Default Texture.This image is Ore Default Texture.


This image is Bronze Ingot Texture.

Ore Vein:

This is Copper Vein image. (Buttom text Ignore)

NOTE: This mod include CoFH API. RF API is preparing! todo! WIP! So, Make to alpha 2.0?


Enjoy Please! :)


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