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This mod adds a random assortment of junk that my friends and I wanted to have in our Minecraft game. There's not really a theme, and nothing is extremely involved or complicated. You might have an intermediate crafting step here or there, but I expect every item or block to be craftable using the vanilla crafting table, and using vanilla materials or ingredients you can craft from vanilla materials.

I (like most mod authors) highly recommend having JEI or some other mod that shows you recipes so you know how to craft everything. In JEI by default you can search for "@swwim" to specifically see the things this mod adds.

Feel free to leave suggestions on what you'd like to see.

Current features:

  • Slime boots in iron, gold, and diamond. (Leather and chain proved too porous) These negate falling damage and allow you to bounce from high falls, while otherwise retaining the properties of their non-slimy counterparts. Sneaking when you land will stop you from bouncing and negate only a portion of the falling damage.
  • Two new fence types, craftable with all six vanilla woods. Field Fence and Cross Fence are nicer-looking-than-vanilla-in-my-opinion fences that will connect to each other but not to vanilla fences. They will connect to vanilla gates, however, which is good because they don't currently have gates of their own.
  • Obsidian bricks, Glowstone bricks, Gold bricks. Craft four blocks together just like you would to make stone bricks, and voila! I'm not particularly happy with the glowstone brick texture, so expect that to change in the future.
  • Slabs and stairs: Added both slabs and stairs for the aforementioned brick types, plus vanilla obsidian.

Planned features:

  • A better logo
  • Screenshots
  • Dirt slabs, stairs
  • Redstone circuits - Similar to repeaters but they'll operate as AND/OR/XOR gates, T-Flip Flops, etc.
  • Integration with forge update checker


  • I do not plan on back-porting to any older versions of Minecraft, sorry.
  • Feel free to use this mod in your modpack.


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