Sword Variations Mod

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Weapon Cast

Weapon Cast Recipe

To make weapon variants, you start with a weapon cast, crafted with 1 smooth stone, 4 clay, and 4 iron nuggets



Next take the weapon cast and put it into a stonecutter to carve it into the weapon type you want. Each weapon has different strengths and weaknesses to appeal to your play style

Each weapon can also obtain a special enchant






The Katana improves weapon speed and damage slightly, but decreases durability

A good choice to overall improve the vanilla sword


Special Enchant: Air Strike - Gives strength while in midair making critical hits stronger




The Rapier improves weapon speed but decreases damage

For those who find the normal sword a bit too slow


Special Enchant: Lunge - Right click while holding the Rapier for a short burst of speed



The Broadsword improves damage and durability but lowers speed

The Broadsword is a middle ground between the sword and axe, if you find the axe too slow but want to cause some extra damage


Special Enchant: Guarding - while blocking with a shield and holding the broadsword you get resistance


Ornate Sword

A designer sword that improves the look of the sword and the luck when enchanting

The Ornate Sword has a greater chance to get better enchants for those who enchant a lot of swords


Special Enchant: Experience Looting - mobs will drop exp orbs when hit



The Dagger improves weapon speed drastically but does less damage

If you miss the days of spamming your weapon, the dagger is for you!


 Special Enchant: Dashing - gives you a speed buff while sprinting


Battle Axe

The Battle axe is an even slower axe but deals great damage and gives you slowness

It also increases the damage more for the higher level of axe


 Special Enchant: Lightweight - gets rid of the slowness debuff while holding



The Scythe is slightly slower than the axe, but not as much as the battle axe

It's stats lay between the axe and battle axe, but also has the sword's sweeping attack


Special Enchant: Wither Aspect - Inflicts wither on mobs hit



Each weapon keeps its enchants and name during upgrading, similarly to upgrading a diamond tool to netherite

You can also upgrade the diamond weapons to netherite in the smithing table


This mod is partially inspired by the Spartan Weaponry mod, check it out, and I hope you enjoy


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