Sword Effects

12,435 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 3, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Sword effects allows you to apply any potion to a sword by holding the potion in your off hand and the sword in you main hand.  You can also use some regular items as well to apply potion effects.  Beware though, if you hit a creeper with a potion and they explode, then they will leave some of those effects on the ground in the same fashion that the Ender Dragons breath does. This mod is also compatible with multiplayer so you can play with your friends.  To use this in multiplayer, add the fabric API to both the client and server as well as this mod to both client and server mod folders.


This feature is in the 1.1.0 update:

Here is the list of potion effects and items that you need to use to apply to the sword.


Poison potato will give you weak poison on the sword for 5 swings


Puffer fish will give you a very strong poison and nausea for 15 swings


Wither rose will give you a strong wither effect for 5 swings


Slime balls will give a slowness effect for 5 swings and slime blocks will give a stronger version for 30 swings


Glowstone gives the glowing effect for 5 swings


Golden apples give regeneration for 5 swings and enchanted golden gives resistance, regen and absorption for 5 swings


Honey bottle gives a strong instant health for 5 swings


I am still working on this mod and if anyone has a recommendation for what should be added I will take them into consideration.  I might want to dabble in making custom potion effects as well as making different weapons that can handle potions better.  Maybe enchantments if there are any.  Everything will be looked into and hopefully this mod becomes more fun and interesting.


The instant damage bug is crushed in 1.1.1 I hope you all enjoy


Thank you for downloading and I hope you enjoy and comment any ideas


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