Swiss Cheese Caves

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Anybody remember exploring huge cave systems that went on and on and didn't seem to have an end to them? And the outcry when they were removed in 1.7? Well not anymore shall those beautiful labyrinths stay out of modern versions!

Just check the GIF below and see for yourself how significant the change actually was.

Difference between 1.6 and 1.7+ cave gen illustrated as a GIF


This mod is here to bring the old cave generator back, exactly like it was before the 1.7 update. There are also some additional features mixed together from different versions of Minecraft. Here is a complete list:

  • Dense cave generation (from before 1.7)
  • Mineshafts are 2.5x more common (from before 1.7)
  • Ocean monuments only require a single block of deep ocean instead of a radius of 33 blocks (from 1.8)
  • Sandstone generates in deserts and mesa biomes at cave entrances to prevent floating sand (from 1.8)
  • Ravines are able to replace the same blocks as caves, that way they can reach the surface in deserts, mesa biomes and mushroom islands (from 1.13)
  • Ravines generate in the Nether (from 1.13)

Every feature in this mod can individually be toggled via the config file.


This mod runs purely on the server-side as it doesn't add any new blocks and is merely a small compilation of various terrain generation features. It even works when using a vanilla client to connect to a Forge server having this mod installed.


Thanks to the authors of Quark (Vazkii), No Worldgen 5 You (Darkhax) and UndergroundOcean (Reoseah) from whose mods' source I learned how to accomplish various things.


This mod is available in the public domain. Do whatever you want, use it wherever you want. The source code can be found on Github.


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