Swamp Expansion

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  • Slabfish can be found in Swamps or Marshes
  • They will pick up items they find on the ground
  • Slabfish fear Illagers & other Raiders
  • Right clicking a Slabfish with a Chest will give it a backpack with 18 slots
  • Right clicking a Backpacked Slabfish with Dye will change the look of the backpack!
  • You can take off a backpack by shift right clicking a Slabfish with shears
  • Right clicking a Slabfish with Wool will give it a sweater – there are 16 variants!
  • You can take off a sweater by right clicking a Slabfish with shears
  • Throwing Mud or Snow at a Slabfish will cause his face to be covered!
  • Sushi can be fed to Slabfish to make them very speedy
  • Tropical Fish & Tropical Fish Kelp Rolls can be used to breed Slabfish
  • Slabfish offspring from breeding has a 50% chance to be based on the current conditions or biome, and a 25% chance for it to get the type of each parent
  • Other fish can be used to heal Slabfish
  • Shift right clicking a Slabfish with a backpack will make it sit
  • Feeding a Slabfish a music disc will cause him to burp out a new exclusive music disc…
  • Slabfish have 46 variants that can be obtained by breeding in certain circumstances, or other situations, find them all!
  • Four Slabfish variants are mod compatibility, and another eight are secret rename variants

New Music Disc: SLABRAVE!

  • Composed by Mista Jub
  • Can be obtained by feeding a Slabfish a music disc

New Block: MUD VASE!

  • Crafted with three mud bricks
  • Can be right clicked to store one item in it
  • Outputs a redstone signal of 5 when an item is inside

New Crop: RICE!

  • Can be found naturally in Marshes
  • Can be looted from Shipwreck Supply chests
  • Grows on Farmland out of water, or anywhere underwater
  • Seven stages, right click to set back to stage one
  • Rice balls can be crafted from four rice
  • Combining a rice ball with dried kelp and a raw fish will net you two of either kelp rolls or rice cakes
  • Kelp rolls and rice cakes act the same, just named differently
  • They are fast to eat
  • Rice can also be used in another new food, Squid Ink Risotto

New Biome: MARSHES!

  • New swamp and plains mix biome
  • Very wet and flat, a perfect place to build a home
  • Home to a unique breed of Slabfish
  • Rare Mushroom Marsh variant, with large brown mushrooms

New Plant: DUCKWEED!

  • Found in patches in Swamps and Marshes
  • Can be crafted into Duckweed Thatch, a murky decorative block

Other: Advancements!

  • Funky Genetics
    • Breed all Slabfish variants!
    • Does not include rename variants or mod compatibility
  • They Come in Different Colors!
    • Find all natural Slabfish variants
  • First Day of School
    • Give a Slabfish a backpack

Other: Changes

  • Nerfed Cattail growth speed
  • Cattails are no longer found in rivers
  • Updated Cattail texture
  • Updated Willow Sapling texture
  • Updated Blue Orchid texture
  • Hoes can now be used underwater
  • Added support for Seeker Compass for Slabfish
  • Fixed recipe for Stripped Willow Wood

Other: Translations

  • Bratistolf – ru_ru
  • peehpeh – es_ar, es_es, es_mx
  • Markus1002 – fi_fi