Survivor's Pack

2,462 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2015 Game Version: 1.6.4

You are the crew of a merchant ship, passing by a small set of islands, a storm has been raging for hours when suddenly a terrifying lightning bolt strikes your ship! Even though it was raining the fire spread throughout the ship letting water pour in. You manage to crash into a nearby island before the ship begins to sink, the fire has stopped and the sun appears – but it’s starting to set, seems like you’re unlucky…


...or may be Survival Island not good enough for you? Too big, easy? Real difference is the size, the difficulty. The Ocean Island is extremely small, it is inhabited by; 1 tree, a chest, some dirt, sand and a torch. Easy to survive on right? Its not that simple. This make is extremely difficult to succeed in, but I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a challenge.


...and for all ot those, who accept these challenges I presents some extras, making gameplay closer to real life and helpful for surviving. It equips Forged MC with new links between basic rocks and complete full chain of transformation from sand to stone and back.


further it will helpful to use the accumulated surplus of rocks.



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