Survivalist's Brush

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"With Survivalist's Brush, sky is the limit! Literally."

-Cyprinus Carpio, 2018

Legal note: sky is not actually an arbirtary limit, other factors are also taken in consideration, including crashes, bugs, mental/physical incapacitation of the user, losses in creativity (caused by alcohol, drugs, or other alike substances), and other stuff idk what.




You are looking at a mod that offers you powerful world shaping possibilities. The mod is balanced for Survival Mode gameplay offering you never met before true powers. You can create hills, rock formations and huge tress with just few clicks in your Survival Mode world. You do not have to feel guilty - as this mod does consume items out of your inventory. And you do not have to be careful (but you should be), because this mod alows you to undo 15 (by default) of your last actions and have your blocks returned to your inventory! What could you want more?!


General Description

Brush Types

Currently, there are 5 available brush options to pick from.

From left to right: Wooden Brush, Iron Brush, Golden Brush, Diamond Brush and lastly Natureshaper's Brush.

They all have different statistics, as you can guess. The better the tier, the higher brush durability and reach will be.

The last brush, Natureshapers Brush to be precise, is a bit more interesting. It can only operate on blocks that are of natural nature (ikr), but only on those that i deemed to be cheap enough that you'd rather gather them naturally than abuse this brush. It only has 15% chances of consuming a block out of players inventory, but it does not return them at all when you UNDO.

And if you have required mods installed, you can get your hands on 5 new brush variants, each with stats slightly better than diamond one:


Starmetal, Thaumium, Signalum, Fluix Pearl and Elementium!


All of the brushes show their data when you hover your mouse over them in your inventory:

First three ones are self explanatory, so let me explain the fourth one. It tells you if your Brush is in secondary mode. Secondary mode is currently used for selecting blocks(secondary mode and right click at a block) and for determining if you want to raise(primary mode) or lower(secondary mode) the terrain using the Leveling mode. Modes you select in this radial menu that you summon by clicking on the menu keybind while holding a Brush:

The pressed buttons tells you what modes you have activated. The radius + and - are used to respectively, you guessed, changing the radius of your Brush. The Undo button i think i dont need to explain. Here are keybinds used to unleash this mods power:

You dont need to frown upon those conflicting keybinds, as they work only when you have Brush in your hands. The is used to show the Brush menu, brush.radius is used to change the radius without the Brush menu (depending on mode of the Brush), and the brush.shift will change the brush from Primary to Secondary mode and vice versa.

Filled vs Hollow

Above image shows the difference between using the Build mode with Filled and Hollow modes enabled respectively.

Leveling Mode

Above image shows the functioning of the Leveling mode. It works in synthesis with the Primary or Secondary mode of the Brush to determine if you want to raise or lower the terrain.

Smoothening Mode

Above image shows the functioning of Smoothening mode used on terrain from the example of Leveling Mode. It does function in all 6 directions, but you have to use it sparingly because it can easily break out of control.

Shape Mode

Above image shows the configuration of Shape Mode. As you can see, it offers 3 options to configure the shape - Corners, Rotation and Thickness. First two ones are self explanatory, and the third one determines how much layers of built shape will be created towards the player. To activate Shape Mode,  click on its button, make changes to its settings, then click again to actually activate it. It also works with Filled/Hollow mode, as presented below:

Naturalize Mode

Above image shows the functioning of Naturalize mode. As you can see, it replaces topmost layers of stone with grass and dirt, and even plants trees if you have saplings in inventory!

If you try really good, in conjunction with the Building and Smoothening mode you can create beautiful mountains in your Survival world!

Curve Mode

This mode basically adds an option to create curves in your world. You can set the thickness of curve from 1 to 6, and the smoothness to 0 to 8. This is best demostrated using a video:

Turn on the captions to see explanations.


Above image shows the configuration file of this mod. If you want to add worlds to the banned list, you need to do the following:

As you can see, you need to add an quotation, in which you start by comma, enter world ids that you wish to be banned (separated by commas) and end the quotation by another comma.

Planned Features

This is practically it for features currently available, so here is a list of what i plan to add

  • ALOT of bugfixes.
  • Paint mode.



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