Survival Mod

1,324 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 19, 2013 Game Version: 1.6.2

Hi! this is a Forge 1.6.2 mod that focuses on the first few stages of surviving in the wild. Currently, these are the new concepts I've added: Thirst bar- if this gets low you lose the ability to attack mobs, and if it hits zero you no longer can break blocks. Restore with cups. New weapons- moving away from survival, this mod adds six unique new weapons and three new armors. A longer beginning- Making a furnace is longer and more complicated and wooden pickaxes do not exist. Almost all basic tools have new crafting recipes. I have also included some screenshots of all the recipes in a separate file you can download.Use ships to travel and explore new dimensions and quantum jumpers to explore the Overworld.

NOTICE: if you hit files, you can get a recipe list and previous versions.

The quantum jumpers teleport you in any direction(except west) 10000 blocks. You may die if the chunks dont render quickly enough. The ships look horrible (don't hold you breathe on my art) but teleport you to different dimensions. One dimension is entirely a mushroom biome. Note: you have to use the ship one block above still water.The mint gives you money when you punch it.


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