Suppergerrie2's Drone Mod

149,307 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod was made for ModJam 5 in three days, so forgive any bugs! If you like this mod or want to check out all of the other mods, go to

 Hauler drone with items

Adds five types of drones:

  1. Hauler drone: searches items in the world and brings them to its home.
  2. Fighter drone: fights mobs around it.
  3. Tree farm drone: plants trees and chops them down.
  4. Crop farm drone: prepares farmland, plants seeds and breaks them when fully grown.
  5. Archer drone: shoots hostile mobs that come to close to it.

The place where you place the drone will become its home unless changed with the drone stick. Drones will get and put items in an inventory if that is their home.

This mod also adds a drone stick this can do a couple different things:

  1. Select drones by right clicking on them (Deselect by shift-rightclicking in air)
  2. Set home of selected drones by right clicking on block.
  3. Kill drone by shift-right clicking on drone.

Drone recipes:

Hauler drone recipe Hauler drone.

Fighter drone recipe Fighter drone

Tree farm drone recipe Tree farm drone

Crop farm drone recipe Crop farm drone


Filter recipe Add filter to drone.

Drone can be any other drone. Wool can be changed to any other item. Place drone in the top right corner to remove items from filter. (Or clear filter)

Storage upgrade recipe Storage upgrade, max level 15

Speed upgrade Speed upgrade, max level 10

Drone can be any drone

Misc recipes:

Drone stick recipe Drone stick


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