SuperMartijn642's Core Lib

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Filename supermartijn642corelib-1.1.1a-forge-mc1.17.jar
Uploaded by SuperMartijn642
Uploaded Jan 25, 2023
Game Version 1.17.1   +2
Size 445.67 KB
Downloads 614
MD5 311230971a9ddaa9f5a41043b69dca4f
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SuperMartijn642's Core Library 1.1.1a

  • Fix translations inside of WidgetScreen and WidgetContainerScreen

SuperMartijn642's Core Library 1.1.1

  • Fix crash when a recipe condition is registered as RecipeConditionSerializerRegistry gets initialized

SuperMartijn642's Core Library 1.1.0

  • All gui functionality has been extracted into Widgets
  • Added RegistrationHandler, ClientRegistrationHandler, and GeneratorRegistrationHandler for registering everything
  • Added CreativeItemGroup abstraction for dealing with creative tabs
  • Added abstractions for opening BaseContainers with CommonUtils#openContainer
  • Improved caching for Object dependent containers and guis
  • Added abstractions for registries in Registries
  • Added ResourceGenerator abstraction for data providers
  • Added RenderConfiguration for setting up OpenGL properties
  • Added ResourceCondition abstraction for use in recipes and advancements
  • Added RegistryEntryAcceptor annotation for getting entries from registries
  • Added interaction methods in BaseBlock, BaseItem, and BaseBlockItem
  • Added methods to EnergyFormat to format text
  • Added custom item and block entity renderers
  • Added BaseBlockEntityType and BaseContainerType
  • Added TextureAtlases to obtain locations of all default atlases
  • Improved information in packet errors
  • Renamed all 'TileEntity' classes to 'BlockEntity'