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a mod that allows you to become a superhuman by creating a (Deltagen Serum for the older versions) or (Alpha Enhancer Serum for the latest Remake version) that contains the SuperHuman Gene or find scientist named (Doctor Jake), He only exist in older versions) (You could move out to Humanity's new home world named Earth 2.0 since the Original Earth has been dominated by so many monsters there will be a lower chance of having the world back to normal again for the older versions) or you could stay on the overworld.


To in order to become a SuperHuman

you have to get bitten by a Alpha Spider

or you have to obtain or craft the Alpha Enhancer Serum and

drink it to become one.


To craft the Alpha Enhancer Serum

you need golden apple & sugar & blue orchid &

alpha fruit & water filled tube & brown mushroom.


to make the empty tube

you need two iron ingots and glass pane

and you put the glass pane in between the two iron ingots

and after you craft it. You right click the nearby water source holding the empty tube to

fill the empty tube with water.



                  Alpha Enhancer Serum 



Required: playerAnimator - Minecraft Mods - CurseForge

to work for previous versions


recommends survival mode for best experience