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IMPORTANT: You must keep the world type as "Default" for the biomes to spawn. Setting it to "Superflat" will cause a vanilla superflat world to be created with no biomes.


When you play survival Minecraft on Superflat, many things become impossible, including exploring most structures, finding almost every mob, even going to the End dimension is out of your reach. It becomes obvious that there's a clear lack of content within this gamemode, leaving many players bored and unsatisfied.


Superflat Biomes is a mod created to add all the content missing from Superflat survival. By adding every biome and structure to Superflat mode, it becomes possible to do almost everything that you can in normal Minecraft!




  • Explore all 3 dimensions to slay the Ender Dragon
  • Conquer the depths of the massive Ocean Monuments 
  • Search the world to find all of your favorite animals
  • Build your dream base with a block palette almost as expansive as non-Superflat Minecraft
  • Loot the treasures of the fearsome Ancient Cities without being detected by the Warden
  • And so much more!


Note: This mod is Fabric only


Known bugs

  • Vines spawn in the air in Jungle/Lush biomes (will disappear in a similar fashion to Leaves)
  • Abandoned Mineshafts don't spawn Chest Minecarts


Other info

  • Feel free to include this mod in modpacks
  • If you choose to post online about this mod, please provide a link to this page