Super Solar Panels


First install Advanced Solar Panels, and then install Super Solar Panels!

This is addon for Advanced Solar Panel, not only for IC2!!!

This mod adds 4 new Solar Panels: Spectral Solar Panel, Singular Solar Panel, Light-Absorbing Solar Panel and Photonic Solar Panel.
All of them generate EU energy using solar power.

Spectral Solar Panel: Generating 32768 Eu/t (day) and 20000 Eu/t (night), Output 32768 Eu/t
Singular Solar Panel: Generating 262144 Eu/t (day) and 196608 Eu/t, Output 262144 Eu/t
Light-Absorbing Solar Panel generates extremely much power: 1048576 Eu/t both at day and at night, Output is the same.
Photonic Solar Panel generates, storages and outputs 1000000000 (1 billion) EU/t !