Super Multi-Drills

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Multi-Drills are effective on anything a pickaxe or shovel would be able to mine. With an upgrade, they can also work on wooden materials! They also make a good melee weapon. All customization is done with ordinary crafting.

Note that this information assumes you are playing the latest version. Ancient versions are very different.

To view recipes: Use JEI

Note on energy: This mod has no built-in way to generate, store, or charge items with FE. Try something like Powah or Silent's Mechanisms.


  • Minecraft Forge
  • Silent Gear and Silent Lib

Energy Usage

By default, the energy consumption when mining a block depends on the hardness of the block, the drill head, and the level of the Efficiency enchantment on the drill. The formula can be changed in the config file (currently not working). There are also some unused variables, such as the level of Silk Touch and Fortune. The config file contains a full list of variables you can use.


Drills are now Silent Gear tools. The following parts are required. Note that the head is a compound part which can be crafted from different materials. The rest are simple parts. Motors and batteries have a few variants, but cannot be customized beyond that.

  • Head - Affects mining speed, energy efficiency, and attack damage. Can be made from any Silent Gear main material. This is the "tool head" or "main part" of the drill.
  • Motor - Affects the harvest level and mining speed. There are several tiers, with the harvest level and mining speed multiplier of each being configurable.
  • Battery - Affects the energy capacity (configurable, several tiers). Any FE-storing item can be made to function as a battery part by adding it to the "supermultidrills:drill_batteries" tag.
  • Chassis - No effects on stats. Can be dyed any color (similar to leather armor).


Drills support some Silent Gear upgrades (tips, coatings), but not bindings or grips.



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