Super Multi-Drills

479,990 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.11.2

Working on a 1.15.2 update! This mod is becoming a Silent Gear add-on. Please be patient, the mod has to be completely rewritten.


Don't forget to grab Silent Lib if you are playing 1.9.4+!


Multi-Drills are effective on anything a pickaxe or shovel would be able to mine. With a cheap upgrade, they can also work on wooden materials! They also make a good melee weapon. All customization is done with ordinary crafting.

To view recipes: I recommend Just Enough Items (1.8.9+) or Not Enough Items (1.7.10).

Note on energy: This mod has no built-in way to generate, store, or charge items with RF. Try Ender IO, Actually Additions, or Thermal Expansion, depending on your Minecraft version.

Energy Usage

By default, the energy consumption when mining a block depends on the hardness of the block, the drill head material, and the level of the Efficiency enchantment on the drill. The formula can be changed in the config file. There are also some unused variables, such as the level of Silk Touch and Fortune. The config file contains a full list of variables you can use.


Drills require four components to craft: a head, a motor, a battery, and a chassis. There are recipes that use components from a couple of different mods, with fallback vanilla recipes if no compatible mods are detected.

  • Head - Affects mining speed, energy efficiency, and attack damage. Can be made from a wide variety of metals and gems.
  • Motor - Affects the harvest level and mining speed. There are three tiers, with the harvest level and mining speed multiplier of each being configurable.
  • Battery - Affects the energy capacity (configurable, five tiers). Charge level is retained when crafting.
  • Chassis - No effects, just pick your favorite color!


  • Craft an existing drill with new parts to swap them out. The old parts are even returned to you! Maybe you could carry a spare battery?
  • Use the material of a drill head (such as an ingot or gem) to change the appearance of the head without changing its stats.
  • Use dyes to change to chassis color without crafting a new chassis.
  • Drill Upgrades add additional effects, usually enchantments. The Saw upgrade allows your drill to harvest anything an axe can, in addition to what it can normally mine. Area Miner allows you to mine a 3x3 area (disabled by sneaking). The Graviton Generator will eliminate the mining speed penalty for flying or being underwater.

Recipe Compatibility

This mod uses parts from certain other mods in its recipes. If any compatible mods are found, matching recipes are added for each mod. Vanilla recipes are only added if necessary. How well balanced the recipes are varies. Overall, I would say the mod is too cheap, with the exception of Fun Ores recipes. I'll try to better balance the recipes in the future.

  • Fun Ores (1.8.9+) - Expensive, but balanced. It's a tool that never breaks and can mine anything, what do you expect? Liberally uses plates and gears in recipes. Also adds a redstone alloy that can be made in the alloy smelter. Mod integration is fun!
  • Ender IO (1.7.10, 1.9.4+) - A bit cheaper than Thermal Foundation due to a lack of gears, but reasonably balanced.
  • Thermal Foundation (1.7.10 only) - Somewhat well balanced, the cost of components range from cheap to reasonable.
  • Mekanism (1.7.10 only) - Not well tested, probably too cheap.
  • Vanilla Fallback - If none of the above mods are present, the vanilla fallback recipes are used. Not tested and not recommended.

Mod Packs

Yes, you may use this mod in mod packs! No need to ask! Although I wouldn't mind hearing about the awesome things you're doing.


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