Subterrestrial (Fabric)

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Subterrestrial adds new structures, Underground Cabins. These are modular two-to-three-story subsurface houses that are based on Terraria's Underground Cabins. They contain one main chest and multiple smaller chests, furniture and workstations throughout the structure.



  • Biome variations: Eight different cabin types, depending on the biome: Default, Deepslate, Desert, Mesa, Taiga, Ice, Jungle and Ocean.
  • Cabin variations: Cabins feature random loot, rooms, degradation, foliage and destruction. No two cabins are the same!


Additional Additions: Some chests occasionally contain Additional Additions loot.
Artifacts: Some chests occasionally contain artifacts.
Croptopia: Some chests occasionally contain Croptopia food and cookware.
Modern Industrialization / Tech Reborn: Some chests occasionally contain tech loot.
Numismatic Overhaul: Chests occasionally contain coins.
The Extractinator: The main chest is replaced with an extractinator, allowing for a convenient way to obtain one.




I will not port this mod to Forge; however, you are welcome to port it yourself.


Feel free to put this in your modpack -- no need to ask.


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