Stumble Upon: Campsites

16,996 Downloads Last Updated: May 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


 Stumble Upon Campsites will add Campsites to your Minecraft world. There's a few different variants, with them often having a chest containing loot, beds for sleeping, a campfire for cooking, a crafting table and more. Campsites will use the same loot tables as Dungeons, and right now you'll only find them spawning in grassy and snowy biomes. To not feel too overpowered, Campsites are rare, and are expected to be a surprise when you come across them, instead of an expectance. Sometimes you won't find one for a while, then you might find multiple spawning next to eachother!


They could be especially useful in survival mode, or if you're exploring during the night and need a place to rest. Not all Campsites are uninhabited, as some are still occupied by Campers, who don't want you to get too close! A few Campsites also have meat being roasted over a Campfire, make sure to collect them for some extra food.


This is the first of what I hope to be one of many mods in my "Stumble Upon" series, where players can choose the types of structures they want to appear in their world depending on the modpack/style they're going for.