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Lets just admit it, snowballs are useless and eggs are just plain annoying. Isn't there anything actually fun to throw? Welcome, my friend, to Stuff Worth Throwing.

Amazing new features!

  • A whopping 20 new items, 16 of them throwable!
  • 2 spooky new blocks!
  • 3 ghastly mobs from beyond the grave...oh my!

A Guide to Throwing Things for Personal Pleasure

First up are Piles of Sand, crafted from simple sand blocks. They may seem harmless enough, but when thrown, the person...or thing...on the receiving end may just find themselves, ahem, visually impaired. Their cousins Piles of Soul Sand, are even less harmless, with the shorter period of blindness being more than made up for by the terrifying wither effect.

If you're itching to give someone a wicked headache, Rocks would be your projectile of choice, dealing 1-3 damage and 3-9 seconds of nausea. If you're feeling especially nasty, break your old bricks up into Broken Bricks for even more damage and nausea. Break some nether bricks for Broken Nether Bricks, which light their target on fire. A nice coat of fresh Ectoplasm on your bricks and you'll have Spectral Bricks. Just Break those to get Broken Spectral Bricks, which induce weakness. Swap in Corrupted Ectoplasm to get Corrupted Spectral Bricks, which can be broken to get Broken Corrupted Spectral Bricks, which add wither.

If your more of a "boom" sort of guy, we've got you covered with a Stick of Dynamite. With 1/2 the power of TNT, and 4 of them per block, these babies are no joke! Best of all, not flint or redstone required!

If you need to take a break and relax with a friendly snowball fight. Hey wait a minute, didn't we already agree that snowballs are boring? Let's kick this up a notch, shall we? Try adding a rock to that snowball to make a Snowball With a Rock in It. If you want things to get really out of hand, try dynamite instead to get a Snowball With a Stick of Dynamite in It!

Hold on to those mushrooms! you can now use them as a source of Fungal Spores. These spores infect their target with 10 seconds each of poison and slowness.

As we all know, it's dangerous to go alone! That's why ectoplasm can be mixed with sugar to produce Purified Soul Sand, which, when thrown, will spawn a new friend to help you out.

Sometimes your target doesn't have to be your enemy. That's why you can now mix redstone with sugar or glowstone to get Swift Dust or Shine Dust respectively. Swift Dust gives its target 30 seconds of Swiftness, while Shine Dust gives them 30 seconds of Night Vision.

The new Love Letters are so eloquently written, that when hit by one, certain mobs simply cannot resist the urge to pop out a baby on the spot! Hate Mail, curiously, has the same effect on zombies. I guess they just love being told how horrible they are...

Beware a new danger!

Steer clear of these deadly new mobs, the Tortured Souls! These poor spirits mean you nothing but harm. They will spawn naturally in swamps, and have a chance of appearing every time you throw a pile of soul sand. Worse yet, the nether now features the new Corrupted Souls, beings much like the tortured souls but notably stronger! If you are fortunate enough to survive your encounter with a tortured soul, you will receive a ball of ectoplasm or two. These are handy for making more soul sand or spectral bricks. It can also be mixed with sugar to produce purified soul sand, which can be used to spawn new Helpful Souls, who will treat you as their master, so long as you don't hurt them. Corrupted souls will similarly drop corrupted ectoplasm. If you are really lucky, you may also be rewarded with a ghast tear.

Spooky new building material for a ghostly abode...

As it would seem, spreading ectoplasm over a brick has some unforeseen side effects, resulting in spectral bricks, which can be crafted into Spectral Brick Blocks. These eerily translucent bricks serve as a surprisingly sturdy building material and give off an unsettling dim glow. Corrupted ectoplasm can be used in a similar way to produce Corrupted Spectral Brick Blocks, which are similar to regular spectral bricks but slightly brighter.

This Mod is Open Source!

I make my source code freely available as a resource to other modders. If you would like to take a look, or even help me out a little, head over to


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