Stream Participation

Have you ever wished that your community could interact with you more? Ever wanted your viewers to be able to assist you? Or maybe you're looking to make the game harder and want your viewers to try and stop you? Well look no further. Stream Participation is a mod to be used in conjunction with the twitch extension of the same name (located here)


Unlike other mods, this one can be used on multiplayer servers! It also allows you, the streamer, to add your own events through Minecraft commands! Combine this with the power of functions, and you can do some really wild things!


Feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your Twitch VOD using this mod, and I'll add it as a showcase


Installation Tutorial!


Note: In order to add your own events, please configure the Twitch extension by going to twitch.tv > Creator Dashboard > Extensions > My Extensions > Configure


Technical Note: Java 16 is needed to run this mod. This is just to keep compatibility between Minecraft versions, and MC 1.17 needs Java 16.


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