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This project has been moved here -> https://curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/unaverage-tweaks


The main purpose of this mod is to force you to strategize on what enchantment to put on a tool
In normal vanilla, you can just aim for the most powerful tool with the most enchantments

But with this mod, there is a limit on how many enchantments can fit inside a tool



Each item has a capacity of x weights of enchantment

How much weight an individual enchantment has depends on how close it is to its max level


Fire aspect 1 has a weight of 0.5, as it is halfway from its max level of 2

Mending has a weight of 1, as mending's max level is 1


In addition, cursed enchantments negative weights
This means adding a curse to your tool effectively increases your tool's capacity


Default capacity table:

  • All stone/leather tool: unlimited
  • All gold tools: unlimited
  • All iron tools: 3.0
  • All diamond tools: 2.0
  • All netherite tools: 1.5
  • Books: unlimited
  • Bows/Crossbows: 2.5
  • Elytra: 2.0


There are other tweaks included that makes underpowered enchantments more considerable for strategizing, helping with the main purpose of this mod.

  • Enchantments can be blacklisted from appearing. You can use this to prevent overpowered enchantments from appearing. (Protection by default)
  • Fire Protection applies a temporary fire resistance effect when you fall in lava ( a second per level by default)
  • Fire Protection can protect against melee attacks from fiery mobs (magma cubes and blazes by default)
  • Bane of Arthropods can effect additional mobs (guardians\elder guardians by default)
  • Thorns no longer damages armor by default