Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Fabric)

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Filename stoneholm-1.3.jar
Uploaded by TheGrimsey
Uploaded Jun 29, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +3
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MD5 18d42a0d9ee14ad623f9f50a2efee788
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Java 17
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Here are the big changes:

  • Mod Support incoming. MoreVillagers is the first mod with support. If you have it installed Stoneholm will generate rooms for those professions added by MoreVillagers. MoreVillagers

  • Most waterlogging issues fixed. Majority of the time where a structure would generate waterlogged it will no longer do so. There are a few times it will still break but this should help.

  • Stairs will rarely generate inside villages. This will lead to more verticality. A bit of preparation for the increase in worldheight coming. Stairs

  • "Highways". A larger 5 block wide & 4 block tall hallway will sometimes generate by entrances. Highway


  • Added a bubble elevator entrance (Suggested by Vinoren on the discord) Bubble Elevator

  • Added a copper room. It has some copper in it.

  • Added a more open "hangout" room (Based on builds from MurphyBoi on the discord)

  • Minor changes to processors for 1.17 items.

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