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SteamWorld is a technology mod that mainly uses Steam as a source of power.

It all begins once you get your hands on Steaite.


It's currently still in development, so there may will be changes.


Current Features:

  • Three (3) tiers of machines.
  • Basic ore processing machinery (Grinder, Furnace) for up to x4 ore production (May change depending on balancing needs)
  • Couple of "special" machinery (Farmer, Lumberjack, Experience Machine, Fertilizer...)
  • Underground and surface structures
  • A somewhat decent config file
  • JEI integration
  • Conversion to and from Forge Energy/Redflux

Planned Features:

  • More Machine Tiers/Upgrades (Probably not a lot more)
  • "Victory" goals: A clear goal to work toward
  • Perhaps a different kind of fluid to power your machines...



Feel free to use it in your modpack, credits are already provided by the mod itself, but any credits elsewhere are much appreciated.


Posting it elsewhere:

Hosting the mod elsewhere without my prior permission is a no. Don't do it.


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