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More than 100 commits since the last version - brace yourselves.


0.6.0 Prospecting Update


  • Heavy Ore: Rarely you may find an 'ore tell' generated, which is a single block that indicates a high presence of ore in the rocks around you. Right click the block with a hammer, and the seam will be revealed. Each heavy ore block can be mined several times, dropping loot from the corresponding loot table each time. It takes a *very* long time to mine.
  • Ore Rock: This drops from heavy ore and will not usually stack. Enter the...
  • Carrier Minecart: A hopper minecart that holds a large quantity of ore rock, forcing it to stack.
  • Seam Miner Minecart: On a powered activator rail this cart will mine the block next to it slightly slower than a player. This is designed to be run down the long edge of an ore seam. It does not currently require resources.
    • Both of the two new minecarts can be interacted with using vanilla hoppers.
  • Grinder: This is a new multiblock which turns ore rock into crushed ore. The cobble -> gravel -> sand recipe chain previously present in the steam hammer has also been moved to this new machine
  • Added Patchouli documentation for all of the above
  • New entrenching tool texture from the ever-awesome Snurly
  • Rewrote JEI handling somewhat - tanks now properly display their overlay, and various other things have been fixed and improved. Further improvements are already planned
  • Added Steelworks JEI Support
  • Added Steelworks CT support
  • Implemented a CT method for removing all recipes from a machine.
  • Added a progress bar to the steam furnace GUI.
  • Rewrote clockwork wings handling to be more robust and server friendly. May fix some reported issues.


  • MC Version not being displayed in build version
  • Alloy Forge localisation was a bit weird
  • Fixed Alchemical Patchouli documentation not showing
  • Clean up a lot of unused assets
  • Fixed a crash when using drills
  • Fixed the steam hammer being all sorts of broken
    • Fixed GUI not displaying steam
    • Fixed GUI alignment
    • Fixed recipes not requiring steam or time
  • Fixed alloy furnace GUI texture missing
  • Fixed a crash-causing issue where insertion into multiblock fluid tanks was not properly limited
  • Fixed the alloy forge crashing dedicated servers
  • Fixed the fume collector being broken. This machine needs a rewrite, but it is at least functional and not error-ing, now.
  • Fixed interaction between the Fluid IO and fluid container items being a little derpy

A whole lot of behind the scenes code improvement also occurred. Many thanks to kreezxil and MasterEnderman for their help in testing.

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