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StatuesMod Fix



The StatuesMod I am referring to is the Statues mod by asiekierka, original by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN. You can find it on: Click!

I REPEAT: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/statues.

It has bothered me for quite a while that it uses the now-broken and deprecated skins.minecraft.net API, so I switched it to use the minotar API by default. In version 1.0b I also fixed it so that the lid on the showcase block is closed like it should, instead of remaining open indefinitely. That's pretty much it.




Q: When port to version x.x.x?

A: There is no version of Statues mod for 1.8+, so there is no way or need to port this mod either.


Q: Modpacks?

A: Of course! No need to ask.


Q: There is a crash! / This mod doesn't work with X! / I found a bug!

A: You can always report it on the issue tracker and I'll try and take a look.


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