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StarShip is a ship Content Pack
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The ships come from various sci-fi works: Stargate, StarCraft2 as so on......
In this Mod, you can experience the classic ships that appear in the original.
Feel the pleasure of driving a ship, drive a spaceship through the star gate, and swim the universe!

Recommended for use with shouldersurfing Mod


The MOD is mainly for science fiction, and I want to restore scenes in movies through MOD and maps
It will continue to improve, adding more ships


MCHeli MOD is here

Copyright to all originals. Please do not use it for business.

:::::How to Install:::::

-Open the "MCheli" folder in the ".../.minecraft/mods" folder.

-Unzip this Content Pack.

-Confirm that there is "assets" folder in the unziped folder.

-Drag and drops "asset" folder and overwrites the "mcheli" folder in the "MODs" folder.

-Right mouse button to enter the ship

-Press the W key to speed up

-Some ships

-Press the F key to switch to VTOL mode

-For vertical take-off and landing, only upward flight.

-Press F to switch back to normal mode
-Jumper can turn on the light with the C key

Add the item
-gate gliderTEX
-Jackon Battlecruiser




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