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A new exploration/puzzle mod for 1.14


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General Information

Stars is a mod about exploration. As such, it's best to experience it with as little information as possible. To get started, find one of the naturally generating structures in the overworld. If you get stuck, see the spoiler zone below. 


Spoiler Zone

Caution. Reading the below text may make the experience less fun.


Why does this mod exist?

This mod is my take on Droqen’s Starseed Pilgrim, which you can pick up on Steam for a few dollars. I made this mod primarily because I enjoy the game, however, I hope that it also exposes many more people to (at least the gist of the) experience that is Starseed Pilgrim. 


How do I get started?

All you need to do to get started is to explore the overworld. You will find naturally generating crater structures that contain a gateway to the stars realm. This gateway can be mined and taken anywhere. The gateway is also a craftable item. If you just want to test out the mod, it is possible to cheat your way into the hub world with the following command (available only to server operators): /stars hub enter


Do I get anything for beating the levels?

Currently, the mod offers unique trophy blocks to those who complete the challenge levels.


Is there a co-op mode?

Currently, there is no way to share a hub world with another player, however, this is something I am looking into.


I still don’t know what to do and really want to ruin the fun for myself.

I will create a guide and link it here shortly.


Modpack Devs

Caution. The below text contains spoilers.


Greetings modpack developer. Want to get your players to actually do something that doesn’t involve standing at an ME terminal? Need an un-automatable item to include in entry point recipes? Consider using the reward items from this mod. Every time a player successfully completes a level, they are rewarded with a special seed item, which can be used to grow a block in the overworld which is otherwise unattainable and can be used for aesthetics. I encourage modpack developers looking to create a hard mode modpack to include these seeds in a few key recipes (for example, maybe the ender quarry) to add an aspect of progression. Some of the seeds are relatively easy to obtain (<30 minutes), while some are very difficult (many hours, as this mod has its own progression system). Each seed color also has a special variation known as a robust seed. These are very difficult to obtain and each one will likely take players several hours to get. Below is the list of obtainable items in the order of difficulty of obtaining them (in my opinion).

  • White Seed
  • Pink Seed
  • Green Seed
  • Blue Seed
  • Cyan Seed
  • Red Seed
  • Teal Seed
  • Yellow Seed
  • Orange Seed
  • Purple Seed
  • Robust Pink Seed
  • Robust White Seed
  • Robust Green Seed
  • Robust Red Seed
  • Robust Yellow Seed
  • Robust Cyan Seed
  • Robust Orange Seed
  • Robust Purple Seed
  • Robust Blue Seed
  • Robust Teal Seed



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