Starcraft Mod - SCMC

25,861 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

This mod is based off the Starcraft franchise and adds new weapons, mobs, and dimensions.


Starcraft is a game series developed and owned by Blizzard Entertainment, in which 3 species struggle for control over a war torn sector of the milky way galaxy. This mod aims to reproduce the contents of the blizzard classic inside Minecraft as a mod. Things you can do as of right now are:

- Journey to a collection of planets, each with differing terrain and aliens to fight. There are planets like Char, the world of fire and brimstone, and homeworld to the Zerg, an alien hivemind that seeks to consume and assimilate the Protoss. The Protoss reside on planets such as Shakuras, a twilight world hidden from the rest of the sector. The Protoss are a collective warrior race, psychically linked and trained for combat during their millenia long lifetimes.


- Discover new armor. The foes of scmc will make mincemeat of any diamond touting player, even with protection enchantments. In order to survive, you must adapt and take on the armor these enemies use. Some armors will allow you to cloak yourself and hide from enemies. Others will allow you to move faster on certain ground.


- Weapons, weapons, weapons. The humans who have settled halfway across the galaxy in this sector (known as terrans) have brought some nice weapons to combat their new neighbors. Models such as the C14 Gauss Rifle are the primary weapon of choice to use when hundreds of zerg are at a distance. If close, the flamethrower is the preferred weapon of choice. But even this beauty will struggle to combat the energy blades of the Protoss, which can cut through the hardest materials, making diamond look like wood in comparison to it.


- Wide array of mobs to combat. From flying bat like creatures that shoot at you, to alien warriors in combat armor. From parasites inside the fleshy structures of the Zerg, to the cyborg cats that will shock the soul out of you. If everything is trying to kill you, does it matter their reasons why?

- Of course, war is never just enemies fighting enemies. Should you seek aid, joining one of these species in conquest will offer some fine protection on their homeworlds and colonized planets. Even the odds, and live longer. 


- There is a lot to get out of the Koprulu sector. Whether you seek to conquer the Protoss and take their shielding and wireless energy. Or strive for the Terrans for their ranged weaponry and durable metals and armors. Or if you just want to become the leader of hordes of bloodthirsty abominations. It makes no difference your intention. What matters is that you win, and they lose.



It is recommended players use JEI with this mod, as documentation inside the game or within a wiki is not yet complete. If you seek information, you can join our official discord server. We offer extensive support for our mod here:



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