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Star Wars ACW Survival

Current Development Status: Update 2.0: The Technology And Mod Overhaul Update | Coming September 2023


(Two latest versions of the mod will be listed here)

Version 1.3: (Recommended) Changelog for info

Version 1.3.1: blaster deflection update (mobs)

(Changelogs are now attached to the download for the most up to date file)


Multiplayer support coming this September


 Progress Report: 12/12/2022

Hello There,


the mod has made great progress in 2022, we've gotten closer to our achieving our vision for the Star Wars galaxy in Minecraft survival.  

The new mod will be aiming towards, a proper manufacturing and cloning system for building up armies or security forces.

We have also been working on the functionality of the technology you see in Star Wars and making sure that all additions to the mod can be useful to the player in survival as they explore the worlds of star wars, from the data pads, to the lightsabers. Technology for city purposes has also been a goal for the update, providing Redstone compatible security, lighting and civilian equipment. Many species are planned to show up in the mod as it updates, which brings new types of food to the game, from Jawa juice to a deep fried nuna leg.


Blaster, armor and mob customization will be a future update that we would like to work on, providing the player with increased opportunities in what they can do and they look.

This will include different coloured star wars clothing, different coloured armor, different modifications of armor and different modifications of blasters like the inclusion of a scope or not. 

Mobs in the future will be unarmed clones that you can equip and armor to your liking, maybe you want a Mandalorian clone army. 


For more information and to contact me join our discord server linked below.


May the force be with you! - PlagueMaster308



Description is WIP


Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ac82Q3Sb3r

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Version 1.0

Bug fixes, Some clones and droids slightly altered, Some mobs buffed.


Mob drops increased on certain mobs,

Mobs now drop there blaster on very rare occasions.

Ashoka Tano now has duel lightsabers.

Darth Maul added.

Savage Oppress texture altered.

Shock Troopers changed to phase one Coruscant guard clone troopers.

Commander Fox texture changed to phase one Coruscant guard commander Fox.

Sergeant Hound added. (A good mob for the clones, DC15S)

Kamino security clone troopers added. (DC15S)

501st Heavy Clone Trooper now has a standard clone trooper variant.

212th Clone Trooper texture updated.


Version 0.9 Includes:

Mobs: Clones

6 Standard Clone Trooper types

-DC15S & DC15A, 3D Rendered weapons included

-Voice lines included

Commander Cody, Fox, Wolffe, Standard Commander

ARC Troopers including ARC Trooper Echo, Bolt

Captain Rex with dual dc15 blaster pistols

ARF Clone Trooper

Z-6 Clone Trooper

Senate Guard

Clone Trooper Officer

Shadow Trooper

2+ Clone Commandos


Mobs: Jedi & Sith


Jedi Padawan

Jedi Master

Jedi Master Obi-Wan

Jedi Anakin Skywalker

Jedi Padawan Ashoka Tano

Jedi Temple Guard


Savage Oppress

(More coming soon for the Sith)


Mobs: CIS

B1 Battle Droid

B1 Security Droid

B1 Sentry Droid

B1 Commander Droid

Tactical Droid

Super Tactical Droid

CIS Guard

B2 Super Battle Droid

Droid Commando

Droid Commando Sixer

MagnaGuard, Standard

MagnaGuard, Blue

Count Dooku Personal MagnaGuard


Sharpshooter Droideka

2+ More


Improved Spawn Mechanics

Natural Spawning for certain mobs

New faction system

New taming system for building armies

New Materials for mining adventures

Classic Ship Blocks returning

Also much more+