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Starforge adds lightsabers to the game, along with many other features. These features include

Episode 8: Ice-bug Dead Ahead

Added Rhen Var
Buffed DC-15A durability
Dathomirians will now attack Stormtroopers
Malvil Leaves are in the correct tab
Kwi Egg in correct tab
Dathomir Hyperpak in correct tab
Slabs and Stairs Opacity fixed - no more shadow bugs
Master Beti can drop a Damaged Hilt
Holocron Text fixed
Resurrected Nightsisters no longer spawn naturally




Tatooine – 3 biomes, 5 structures, 7 Mobs, 12 Items, 5 Blocks
A arid desert planet where water cannot exist, brave the harsh sands and find rare treasures in the beasts that roam.
Hoth– 3 biomes, 6 structures, 9 Mobs, 13 Items, 8 Blocks
A frozen planet full of pirates and creatures that want you dead. Take on the pirates and delve for treasure under the ice.
Lehon – 2 Biomes, 5 Structures, 3 mobs, 2 Items, 11 Blocks
A tropical planet that formerly hosted an empire. Find the temple of the ancients and delve for treasure in crashed starships.
Taris – 1 Biome, 6 Structures, 1 mob, 2 items, 0 blocks
A ruined planet bombarded by Darth Malak. Rare loot lurks here, but Rakghouls do to, and their potential to infect if they get off-world is significant...
Ryloth – 5 Biomes, 5 structures, 10 mobs, 11 Items, 11 Blocks
The homeworld of the Twi'lek species, liberate them from Pirates and the Techno Union and brave the horrors of the Brightlands.

Mustafar – 4 Biomes, 5 structures, 7 mobs, 5 Items, 8 Blocks
A volcanic planet formerly under the control of the CIS. Fight the Black Sun and raid old ruins.
Ord Cestus – 4 Biomes, 5 structures, 9 mobs, 6 Items, 15 Blocks
A ex-prison planet turned into a factory world by said prisoners. Help the X'ting free their planet and delve into the caves to find treasure.

Kessel 1 biome, 1 structure, 4 mobs, 1 item, 9 blocks
A mining planet with a thin atmosphere and rare spices, controlled by both the Empire and Pyke Syndicate. 
Rattatak – 2 biomes, 1 structure, 4 mobs, 9 items, 7 blocks
A world constantly at war, conquered by the Dark Jedi, Asajj Ventress.

Naboo  - 3 biomes, 5 structures, 10 mobs, 1 items, 7 blocks
Fight alongside the Naboo Royal Guard as the Trade Federation invade
Kamino - 1 biome, 3 structures, 3 mobs, 3 items, 1 block
Visit the world of the cloners and learn their science.
Boz Pity - 1 biome, 4 structures, 0 mobs, 2 items, 3 blocks
Visit the graveyard planet and marvel at what lurks in its surface
Xagobah - 2 biomes, 2 structures, 5 mobs, 2 items, 12 blocks
Visit a mushroom world where the Republic and CIS fight for dominance
Dathomir - 2 biomes, 4 structures, 7 mobs, 5 items, 2 blocks
Visit the world of the witches, discover ruined hypergates and magicks...
Rhen Var - 2 biomes, 6 structures, 10 mobs, 11 items, 8 blocks
Visit a frozen world in the midst of the Clone Wars


Upcoming Updates:

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